Top 100 D1 Freshmen – Class of 2016

There’s little doubt that the evolution of the recruiting landscape has made it easier to track the development of prospects nationwide. Due to the process being sped up over the years, North America’s best young lacrosse players are on display for evaluators from the time kids enter high school until the end of their careers. Beyond that, the U-19 World Games (taking place every four years) have become key in identifying the potential difference makers at the next level. While there were plenty of impact players on the list you’ll find below that were left off of the U-19 teams – whether that was due to age or missing the cut at tryouts – there were a few dozen that left their mark.

This year, the tournament MVP finds himself in the No. 1 spot. 

Jared Bernhardt, a dynamic and athletic offensive weapon out of Lake Brantley (Fla.) in the Orlando area, takes the honor as the No. 1 player in the Class of 2016 just days before his collegiate career begins as a Maryland Terrapin. Though a natural attackman, Bernhardt played midfield at July’s tournament – where he finished with ten goals and five assists along with a gold medal – and that’s where he’ll likely play at first until the Terps’ all-senior attack moves on. In addition, the youngest Bernhardt will follow the footsteps in College Park of two incredibly accomplished older brothers, Jesse and Jake, both MLL standouts and current Division I assistant coaches. Projecting the best out of the three at this stage, he’ll have the opportunity to carve his own path.

Note: Slightly different from the aforementioned lists for underclass standouts, incoming freshmen rankings are meant to reflect how the players project at the college level rather than stats or how talented they are at the moment.While sophomores, juniors and seniors’ placement is meant to reflect their talents at the high school level, this edition of the Top 100 is meant to project a player’s four-year career, taking into consideration all of the variables that come with the college game and how the athletes fit in at their respective program. Depth charts, live scouts, film, conversations with college coaches and a plethora of other factors are taken into consideration more than high school stats and accomplishments.

Every situation differs: some recruits step into powerhouse programs and have to wait their turn behind more established players on the roster, while others will step into ideal circumstances where significant playing time is easily up for grabs. Those aspects make putting together a Top 100 incoming freshmen list not only such a tedious task but so intriguing to look back on after each class finishes their eligibility.


1. Jared Bernhardt, A/M, Maryland | Lake Brantley (Fla.)
2. Jeff Teat, A, Cornell | Hill Academy (Ont.)
3. Michael Sowers, A, Princeton | Upper Dublin (Pa.)
4. Ethan Walker, A, Denver | Culver (Ind.)
5. Dox Aitken, M, Virginia | Haverford (Pa.)
6. Joey Manown, A, Duke | La Salle Academy (R.I.)
7. Ryan McNulty, LSM/D, Loyola | Bishop Shanahan (Pa.)
8. Justin Anderson, M, UNC | Centennial (Nev.)
9. Lucas Cotler, M, Yale | Syosset (N.Y.)
10. Michael Kraus, A, Virginia | New Canaan (Conn.)

11. Jack Rapine, D, Hopkins | Upper Dublin (Pa.)
12. Reilly Walsh, M, Duke | Brunswick (Conn.)
13. Gerard Arceri, F/O, Penn State | Smithtown East (N.Y.)
14. Jared Conners, LSM, Virginia | Pittsford (N.Y.)
15. Will Perry, M, UNC | Greenwich (Conn.)
16. Mac O’Keefe, A, Penn State | Syosset (N.Y.)
17. Brian Willetts, A, Notre Dame | Smithtown East (N.Y.)
18. Jack Kielty, LSM, Notre Dame | Delbarton (N.J.)
19. Kevin Quigley, M, Duke | Ridge (N.J.)
20. Cole Williams, A, Hopkins | Loyola Blakefield (Md.)

21. Jarrett Jones, D, Georgetown | Palos Verdes (Calif.)
22. Phil Goss, G, Brown | Deerfield (Mass.)
23. Tre LeClaire, M, Ohio State | Elgin Park (B.C.)
24. Jackson Morrill, A, Yale | McDonogh (Md.)
25. Forry Smith, A, Hopkins | Haverford (Pa.)
26. Jack Pezzulla, G, UNC | Boys’ Latin (Md.)
27. Jamie Trimboli, M, Syracuse | Victor (N.Y.)
28. Terry Lindsay, M, Duke | Georgetown Prep (Md.)
29. Christian Feliziani, F/O, Ohio State | Episcopal Academy (Pa.)
30. Ryan Finlay, D, Brown | Gonzaga (D.C.)

31. J.T. Giles-Harris, D, Duke | St. Joseph’s Regional (N.J.)
32. Kyle Anderson, A, Harvard | Malvern Prep (Pa.)
33. Mark Evanchick, D, Penn | Darien (Conn.)
34. Connor Kirst, M, Villanova | Delbarton (N.J.)
35. Avery Myers, M, Michigan | Gonzaga (D.C.)
36. Bryan Costabile, M, Notre Dame | Mt. St. Joe (Md.)
37. Ryan Kern, G, Navy | Salesianum (Del.)
38. Arman Medghalchi, D, Princeton | McDonogh (Md.)
39. Nicky Petkevich, A, Colgate | Bullis (Md.)
40. Danny Logan, M, Denver | Upper Arlington (Oh.)

41. Milan Murray, M, Virginia | Thayer Academy (Mass.)
42. Will Weitzel, D, Yale | Roxbury Latin (Mass.)
43. Nick McEvoy, FO/M, Penn State | Gonzaga (D.C.)
44. George Loring, M, Harvard | Noble & Greenough (Mass.)
45. Nick DiPietro, LSM/D, Syracuse | Half Hollow Hills East (N.Y.)
46. Ryan Tierney, A, Hofstra | Massapequa (N.Y.)
47. Beau Botkiss, LSM/D, Harvard | Torrey Pines (Calif.)
48. Jack Welding, LSM/D, Maryland | Southlake Carroll (Tex.)
49. Tommy McNamara, M, Notre Dame | Haverford (Pa.)
50. Ryan Maloney, A, Cornell | Victor (N.Y.)

51. Owen Colwell, D, Hopkins | Westfield (N.J.)
52. Alex DeMarco, G, Penn | Haverford (Pa.)
53. Jared Nugent, M, Villanova | St. Anthony’s (N.Y.)
54. Jacob Kanak, D, Notre Dame | Culver (Ind.)
55. Logan Wisnauskas, A, Syracuse | Boys’ Latin (Md.)
56. Kyle Smith, M, Denver | New Canaan (Conn.)
57. Jeremy Magno, M, Harvard | Bergen Catholic (N.J.)
58. Peter Dearth, M, Syracuse | Ridgefield (Conn.)
59. Conor Gaffney, F/O, Lehigh | Lenape (N.J.)
60. Ben French, A, Vermont | IMG Academy (Fla.)

61. Blake Carrara, LSM, Maryland | Riverhead (N.Y.)
62. Josh Kirson, G, Ohio State | Rivers (Mass.)
63. Steven Shollenberger, A, Maryland | Bullis (Md.)
64. Mitch Gordon, A, Virginia | St. Paul’s (Md.)
65. Matt Trowbridge, G, Michigan | MICDS (Mo.)
66. TD Ierlan, F/O, Albany | Victor (N.Y.)
67. Anthony DeMaio, A, Maryland | Coronado (Calif.)
68. Brian Smyth, FO/M, Duke | Westminster (Conn.)
69. Jacob Giacalone, G, Hopkins | Sachem North (N.Y.)
70. David Strupp, D, Harvard | New Canaan (Conn.)

71. Russell Masci, M, Maryland | Don Bosco Prep (N.J.)
72. Matt Gaudet, A, Yale | Salisbury (Conn.)
73. John Railey, D, Loyola | Georgetown Prep (Md.)
74. Travis Ford, M, Fairfield | Webster Thomas (N.Y.)
75. Brian Ward, M, Yale | Mt. Lebanon (Pa.)
76. Charlie Kitchen, A, Delaware | St. Augustine (N.J.)
77. Matt Fedorjaka, M, Fairfield | Lewisburg (Pa.)
78. Kyle Hyland, F/O, Notre Dame | Hinsdale Central (Ill.)
79. Matt Stagnitta, M, Hopkins | Montgomery (N.J.)
80. Wade Maloney, M, Virginia | Lawrenceville (N.J.)

81. Patrick Lyons, D, North Carolina | Salesianum (Del.)
82. Henry Adams, A, Michigan | Cherry Creek (Colo.)
83. Ryan Terefenko, M, Ohio State | Wilson West Lawn (Pa.)
84. Louie Yovino, M, Furman | St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.)
85. Christian Ford, M, Michigan | Bishop’s (Calif.)
86. Griffin Brown, M, Colgate | Landon (Md.)
87. Kevin Kodzis, A, Holy Cross | Foothill (Calif.)
88. Michael Farnish, D, Notre Dame | Radnor (Pa.)
89. Adam Goldner, A, Penn | Malvern Prep (Pa.)
90. Sam Harnisch, A, Denver | St. Margaret’s Episcopal (Calif.)

91. Michael Brown, D, Brown | Wilton (Conn.)
92. Nick Grill, D, Marquette | Bridgewater-Raritan (N.J.)
93. Matt DeLuca, G, Delaware | Farmingdale (N.Y.)
94. Dalton Follows, M, Harvard | Hill Academy (Ont.)
95. Jack Kniffin, A/M, Brown | Darien (Conn.)
96. Peter Swindell, M, Loyola | New Canaan (Conn.)
97. Stephen Chase, A, Notre Dame | Maclay (Fla.)
98. Conor Smith, A, Penn State | West Islip (N.Y.)
99. Ryan Murray, D, Penn | Malvern Prep (Pa.)
100. Wiley Bonham, A, Loyola | Monte Vista (Calif.)

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