Breaking Down Recruiting Rundown’s Five-Star Prospects In The Class Of 2018

D1V5.pngWhen I first started Recruiting Rundown in the fall of 2014, it was my goal to bring a level of recruiting coverage that was only seen in sports like football and basketball. In particular, there was always something that stood out about analysts naming five-star prospects. Numerical rankings are awesome, but how much of a difference is there between the No. 23 and No. 24 recruit? That’s where the ‘star’ system comes into play, something we’ve been doing for three years. Being named a five-star prospect means that you’re the cream of the crop, a player that has been consistently dominant during the past three years and that will likely translate well to the next level.  Continue reading

September 1st Is Coming: What Can We Expect Under The New Rules?

With another summer coming to a close, so much talk has surrounded the upcoming effect of the recruiting legislation shockingly put into place, with the much anticipated date of September 1st staring right at us on the calendar.

More than anything, it’s extremely hard to say how everything will go. The speculation is enjoyable, but we should probably just wait and see.

What occurs with this class of rising juniors won’t tell us very much about the impact of the new rules, at least in a long term sense. Over 400 members of the Class of 2019 have already committed — many for well over 12 months.

At the end of the day, recruiting has constantly evolved. It’s often been unpredictable. Continue reading

Breaking Down The Legends Committed Experience

DGuniatVYAE1mnL.jpgWe’re at the point where high school lacrosse players are playing more lacrosse than ever — perhaps too much, a popular view with summer spectators. They’ll finish the spring season and dive right into club tournaments, individual showcases and prospect days for two straight months.

Of course, there’s a benefit in playing tough competition, but how much are those events really preparing players for what to expect when it comes to being a college lacrosse player?

Enter the Legends Committed Experience.

Run last week by Scott Hochstadt and Rory Doucette’s Legends Lacrosse, the event attracted nearly 40 committed players from all over the West with a healthy mix of players headed to the college this month along with many younger committed recruits. Continue reading

Breaking Down The Inaugural Warrior All-America Games

Sean Chamberlain and George Breres stood side-by-side, leaning over the fence at UMass’ Richard F. Garber Field, and wearing identical subdued smiles while watching a game during the inaugural Warrior All-America Games.

The duo, which co-founded Dynamic Sports Management, had every reason to be happy about the tournament. Nearly 600 players, primarily from up and down the East Coast and Texas, made the trek to UMass for a tournament that lived up to the vision that Chamberlain and Breres had. Continue reading

10 Who Impressed At Last Weekend’s National Lacrosse Federation Summer Championships

nfl-logoA second year event on Long Island, the National Lacrosse Federation hosted a bevy of teams at Sachem North HS, effectively acting as many of the teams’ last tournament to cap the summer off. In addition to the NLF squads, several established programs made the trip to Suffolk County for a competitive two-day tournament that drew dozens of college coaches. Brackets were split into A and AA as coaches focused largely on 2018’s and 2019’s (we did too) as a final club evaluation for the summer. Have a look below at who caught our eye.  Continue reading

Recap Of The Top Players At Naptown Challenge

NaptownChallenge-logo-LEXUS2017.pngAfter just two years of existence, it’s safe to say that Naptown Challenge has turned into one of the most coveted opportunities on the summer club lacrosse circuit. Between putting the championship games on Comcast SportsNet and hosting them in Navy-Marine Corps Stadium, it’s hard to top.

With so many outstanding summer tournaments out there, it’s all about what sets each one apart. Launched by former Division I head coaches Dave Cottle and Matt Hogan a year ago, Naptown Challenge took place close to the attractive Annapolis waterfront and had an unique format. On the first day, teams each played two games to determine seeding (Quint Kessenich hosted a seeding dinner that night) before a bracket was unveiled for the next day. With that said, nobody was out after the first day, creating a phenomenal Tuesday at Naptown before Wednesday’s championships on Navy’s home field.
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Highlight Reels: What To Do & What Not To Do

highlight-reelOver the past few years, highlight reels have become an essential part of getting recruited. They won’t make or break the recruiting process (reels can literally make anyone look like a stud), but they’re vital in terms of getting on a college’s radar and solidifying interest.

However, some lacrosse recruits seem to struggle when it comes to making the perfect highlight reel that leaves the right impression, properly details every part of a skill set and includes contact information.

With that said, I’ve put together over 10 tips on what to do and what not to do while putting together a highlight video.

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A Breakdown Of The Top Players At the Adrenaline Western Showcase & Shootout


Denver Elite’s Brett Boos

As far as memories with your grandfather go, Torrey Pines (Calif.) longstick middie Jonathan Ford has just about everyone beat.

“I got to go on Air Force One,” Ford said with a big smile. “That was the highlight. Towards the end of July, I’m going to my grandpa’s aircraft carrier commissioning, so that’ll be pretty fun.”

Indeed, because not everybody’s the grandson of a former U.S. President. Ford, though, is, as he and his brother, Christian, a sophomore midfielder at Michigan, are the grandsons of Gerald Ford. The 38th President of the United States, Ford succeeded Richard Nixon in 1974 and served until 1977.
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Standouts From Session 2 Of The National High School Lacrosse Showcase

25f5368d17f455e2561799f528ed6954d4bbc509Becoming one of the most prominent tournaments in the summer, NHSLS has turned into one of the best ways to see how a player fits into a system for their high school team. While there are loads of viable options to see the country’s best players in one location, it’s gotten to the point where just about every Division I staff makes it a point to come to Blandair Park and Oakland Mills HS for at least a session of NHSLS.  Continue reading

Standouts From Session 1 Of The National High School Lacrosse Showcase

When MIAA head coaches Bob Shriver (Boys’ Latin, ret.) and Andy Hilgartner (McDonogh, current) started NHSLS back in 2013, they filled a tremendous need for college coaches who couldn’t easily attend many high school games in the spring for geographical reason. Though the summer circuit allows the opportunity to see a ton of players in the same place, evaluators wanted a more structured environment. After five years of existence, there may not be an event that is more raved about or more essential in seeing how a player can fit in at the next level.  Continue reading