No. 64 Junior Patrick Hackler (Skaneateles, N.Y.) Breaks Down His Commitment To Yale

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Like many players in the Class of 2019, Skaneateles (N.Y.) middie Patrick Hackler had a good sense of where he wanted to play college lacrosse shortly before the new recruiting rules were put in place.

Spending the weekend at Yale for a prospect day in mid-February cemented his interest, making them his top choice heading into a sophomore season during which Hackler exploded for 65 goals and 28 assists. After a strong summer and a busy September, the Orange Crush club standout pledged to the Bulldogs shortly following an in-home visit from the entire Yale staff. Continue reading

Recruiting Mailbag, 10/16: Poaching, The Benefits Of Taking A Postgrad Year, 2020 Recruiting

unnamedWe live in a copycat world. I follow a lot of football recruiting analysts (shoutout to Mike “The Godfather” Farrell of for the main inspiration) that do weekly mailbags to answer questions from their followers. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so I tried it years ago when I was at Inside Lacrosse and now that I’m into Year 4 of Recruiting Rundown, I figured it would be an awesome way to interact with people and provide helpful information. The first mailbag in late September well enough that I mustered up the courage to open up my DM’s on Twitter to allow for questions, though you can still e-mail me questions if that’s easier. Feel free to remain anonymous, I get it, you don’t want your son embarrassed that you asked a silly question for the world to see. Continue reading

No. 30 Junior Cam Henry (McCallie, Tenn.) Picks Duke, Adding To The Blue Devils’ Stellar 2019 Class

Talking with No. 30 junior Cam Henry about his process, it’s easily apparent that the final month of his recruitment was just one big ‘pinch me’ moment.

The 6-foot-4 defender for Thunder LB3 and Nation United received calls from one of the sport’s blue-bloods at 12:01 on September 1st. Then again at 12:07.

From there, Henry woke up to texts and e-mails from coaches, going through the school day with his phone away but seeing more contact in between classes when he was able to set up times to ring them back. By the time the day ended, he had received love from well over a dozen schools. Continue reading

Rosters For This Weekend’s Annual Project 9 Event


To kick off event season, Mark Millon and Paul Rabil will be hosting their annual Project 9 project, bringing nearly 75 of the top high school lacrosse players to the Baltimore area for a rigorous weekend of instruction, competition and meetings to prepare for the next level. This year’s roster is arguably the most impressive to date, as 30 players are ranked in Recruiting Rundown’s Top 100 from last month.  Continue reading

Recruiting Mailbag, 9/27: Maryland’s Recent Commits, Ivy League Verbiage And The Importance of Showcases

Believe it or not, it’s a happening time in the recruiting world. It’s been a month or so since the inaugural September 1st contact date for 2019’s and we’re just a few short weeks from the beginning of the November tournament circuit. Commitments, de-commitments and notable campus visits are occurring left and right as things heat up a few short weeks from 2018’s signing National Letters of Intent.  Continue reading

Recruiting Rundown’s Top 100 For The Class of 2019 Juniors

D1V5Due to the new recruiting rules being put in place back in the spring, the Class of 2019 received a ton of eyes this summer as coaches universally emphasized upperclassmen more than before, spending June and July shuffling names on their lists in preparation for the September 1st contact date. Whether committed or not, coaches gained a strong idea of the cream of the crop within the class, and we did too.

It’s a class that may not be as loaded top to bottom as previous and future classes, but there are certainly strengths in areas like LSM/D and the face-off position, in particular. Of course, there’s still plenty of time to see how things shake out as players develop over the next two years heading into college. Right now, the following 100 players stand out, and I’m fired up to present Recruiting Rundown’s annual rankings for the rising junior class. Continue reading

Recruiting Rundown’s Top 100 For The Class of 2018 Seniors

D1V5After hours upon hours of research leading up to tonight’s release, I couldn’t be more excited to unveil the Top 100 senior rankings. It’s a tedious and thankless task indeed, but something that I take pride in after eight years of putting player rankings together.

In case you missed it, first have a look at the five-stars in the Class of 2018, which also includes a full breakdown on each player’s skill set and accomplishments – in other words, what separated those players from the rest of the pack. Each player listed 21 through 100 automatically receives four stars, while an additional group of five-stars will be unveiled in the months to come.  Continue reading

Breaking Down Recruiting Rundown’s Five-Star Prospects In The Class of 2019

D1V5A huge talking point this summer has been the notion that this Class of 2019 isn’t anywhere close to as strong in comparison to the previous classes. It’s controversial, but it’s a sentiment that isn’t crazy by any means – it became apparent as the summer went on that there just aren’t as many “can’t miss” prospects, or at least that’s how it appears halfway through their high school careers.

There’s plenty of high-end talent below, but these 17 recruits stand out as being the very best at the time. We’ll be watching as things change going forward, which is why a handful more five-star juniors will be named leading up to the beginning of the season in March. For now, have a look at the Class of 2019’s five-stars and check back next week for our RR’s complete Top 100.  Continue reading

Breaking Down Recruiting Rundown’s Five-Star Prospects In The Class Of 2018

D1V5.pngWhen I first started Recruiting Rundown in the fall of 2014, it was my goal to bring a level of recruiting coverage that was only seen in sports like football and basketball. In particular, there was always something that stood out about analysts naming five-star prospects. Numerical rankings are awesome, but how much of a difference is there between the No. 23 and No. 24 recruit? That’s where the ‘star’ system comes into play, something we’ve been doing for three years. Being named a five-star prospect means that you’re the cream of the crop, a player that has been consistently dominant during the past three years and that will likely translate well to the next level.  Continue reading

September 1st Is Coming: What Can We Expect Under The New Rules?

With another summer coming to a close, so much talk has surrounded the upcoming effect of the recruiting legislation shockingly put into place, with the much anticipated date of September 1st staring right at us on the calendar.

More than anything, it’s extremely hard to say how everything will go. The speculation is enjoyable, but we should probably just wait and see.

What occurs with this class of rising juniors won’t tell us very much about the impact of the new rules, at least in a long term sense. Over 400 members of the Class of 2019 have already committed — many for well over 12 months.

At the end of the day, recruiting has constantly evolved. It’s often been unpredictable. Continue reading