I’m Going Back To Inside Lacrosse – Thank You All For Supporting Recruiting Rundown

I started Recruiting Rundown back in October 2014, deciding to take a chance in order to better achieve some of my goals. I was giving up a great job at Inside Lacrosse after five-plus years writing for the company, and so many positives that came with working for them.

After nearly four years of running my own show, this is the last piece that I’ll write here on RR. As many of you have heard (or gathered from my Twitter), I’m going back to Inside Lacrosse full-time as the Director of Recruiting & High School Content starting on Monday, April 2nd. The plan is to bring Recruiting Rundown’s brand, content and mission with me. Quite frankly, it’s an opportunity that I didn’t anticipate, but also one that I simply couldn’t pass on. In the early stages of 2018, I was across the country meeting with investors that verbally committed to funding the future of RR. I planned to add staff, run events and have a budget that I had been lacking since initially self-funding this venture years ago with a business model that relied entirely on event marketing & coverage.

Fast forward to an early March matchup between private school powerhouses from Philly and Baltimore. After receiving a cryptic text from IL publisher Terry Foy, we connected in the bleachers mid-game and he proceeded to feel out my interest in coming back full-time. It was déjà vu, considering the fact that I first met Terry at La Salle-Gilman (then No. 1 vs. No. 2) to discuss adding me as a contributor to IL while finishing up my senior year down at St. Paul’s. Since then, he has become one of my closest friends in the business and is one of the many people that I have to thank during my career. I owe a lot of my career to him and countless others, including several of my mentors and friends who still work at IL.

Sure, there will now be one less recruiting publication, as I’ve given up the rights to RR’s content and will be shuttering the site shortly. At the same time, I like to think that re-joining the fray in front of a much larger audience will help take recruiting coverage even higher. That’s something that I set out to do when I got into this line of work: I always wanted lacrosse to strive for football and basketball’s level of coverage. My mission remains the same, and it’s all well within reach with the resources and talent available at IL.

Between now and the summer circuit, I’ll be working to integrate all of the content that you see on Recruiting Rundown into Inside Lacrosse’s burgeoning Recruiting Database. Player writeups from past events will be thrown into each player profile and commitment lists will be transferred over to create what will be the only accurate and in-depth database in the sport. I’ll get right to work attacking spring HS coverage, player & team rankings, contributions to IL’s video and podcast platforms and more intriguing recruiting content.

People are probably wondering what events that Inside Lacrosse will be covering going forward, and I can assure you that I will continue to write up most if not all of the events that I have in the past. In addition, I’ll team up with the talented events team at Inside Lacrosse to help bolster the IL Invitationals and Committed Academy, continuing to add to the fastest growing arm of the company. There’s so much potential in every facet and I really couldn’t be more fired up to get to work with so many amazing, like-minded people.

In reality, my day-to-day won’t change a whole lot… other than trading sweatpants for khakis and my couch for Inside Lacrosse’s swank Inner Harbor digs. I’ll survive.

Alright, it’s time for the thank you’s. You’ve been warned – this is where I get sappy:

My family, friends & girlfriend. My parents have been unbelievably supportive every step of the way. As a student, I was an absolute mess. They saw me struggle but knew that I had to turn my passion for sports and writing into a career down the road – I did, even though it wasn’t easy. I’ve worked my tail off to make those two proud, as well as my grandmother, who has been like a second mom throughout my life here in Baltimore. Everything I’ve done has been for them, using what they’ve taught me over my 27 years. My dad has been my rock, my best friend and my toughest critic, there for daily phone calls, get togethers and overall support. As a pessimist realist who has worked at the same place his entire life, he thought I was crazy for launching my own business, and in some ways maybe I was at the time. That has certainly motivated me. My parents are both teachers (shoutout to Mom & Dad for allowing me to drop out of college), passionate about what they do more than words can explain. That has been a quality that I have mimicked throughout my life.

My brothers and sister-in-law deserve thanks for helping shape me – I better understand things like toughness, hard work and selflessness because of them. I have a knack for bragging about Matt, Jim and Emily because they’re quite simply my heroes, completing over a dozen tours in the Middle East with the United States Marine Corps between the three of them. I’m so grateful for their advice over the years, even if it’s not always what I wanted to hear, it has been huge for my growth.

My girlfriend, Shelby, has been with me for a year and a half, unintentionally changing both my overall outlook on life and my work ethic in the process. There’s no doubt that I have a job that isn’t traditional but she has handled that in stride… mainly all of the weekends on the road or time spent on my phone and laptop. You’re a trooper and I’m thankful.

To my friends – I love you guys too, even if you taunt me for having a job that involves writing about teenagers. Fair enough.

My readers and contributors: Thanks for joining me on this ride, it’s meant everything to me. From the events that hosted Recruiting Rundown to the readers to the writers that have helped build this thing, I could not be more appreciative for all of the love. I hope that you all join me for my next step at Inside Lacrosse!

I’ve had so much fun building Recruiting Rundown, meeting so many incredible people and having countless experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Lacrosse has given me a lot, and I’m grateful for another opportunity to cover the game that I love most.

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