17 Players Who Stood Out at North American Fall Invitational


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It didn’t take long for the North American Fall Lacrosse Invitational to leave an impression on the fall recruiting circuit.

In its rookie year, the event already cemented itself as one of the fall’s better events. More than 60 colleges and 70+ college coaches overall made the trek to the Kirkwood Soccer Complex in New Castle (Del.) to check out the 2019s and 2020s on site. The event filled a gap in what is usually the toughest fall weekend to find the best competition.

“We really wanted to ensure that our event provided a first class platform to showcase the nations top club teams who were in attendance,” PrimeTime director and event co-founder Nick Daniello said. “With the fall season being so compact, it was important for us to put together a high-quality event to draw the top colleges and felt this past weekend’s event offered a high level of exposure and competition for all attending teams. ”

The fall’s limited recruiting window means that you have to impress quickly as a player, but also as a newcomer on the event scene. It did just that, bringing in top teams like PrimeTime, MadLax, New Hampshire Tomahawks, Legacy, SweetLax Upstate and Florida, Long Island Express and a whole lot more.

The high talent level on hand meant that there was a lot to take in, so here’s a look at some of the day’s biggest standouts.

A Look at Who Impressed at the North American Fall Lacrosse Invitational

Thomas Bryan ‘19, FO/M, Lakeland-Panas (N.Y.) / PrimeTime
It’s hard to beat somebody who never gives up, and the Dartmouth commit showed why. Bryan has good size and strength, which he’ll use to wear his opponents down, but the thing I liked the most was that he never gave up on a play. On the rare occasions that he lost the clamp, he’d make the faceoff a 50-50 ground ball and usually, his team came up with it. Bryan isn’t a huge fast break threat and opts for a more defensive style, and that worked to perfection for him.

Rowan Cabahug-Almonte ‘20, FO/M, Malvern Prep (Pa.) / Rising Sons
A very good athlete with quick hands and tenacity, Cabahug-Almonte is never going to be outworked. He makes good decisions with the ball in his stick, and once he’s secured the win, he’ll rarely cough it up afterward. He had a big-time game against Legacy that helped the Sons pull away for the win. 

Shane Carr ‘19, G, Severna Park (Md.) / Annapolis Hawks
Carr was excellent against PrimeTime, finding a way to make save after save against a team loaded with legit scoring threats. He exuded confidence in leading his defense and tracked the ball well when it came his way. He made a couple of in-tight saves by never panicking and staying with the shooter.

Joey Corbett ‘19, M, Don Bosco (N.J.) / PrimeTime
Blink when Corbett’s dodging and it’s over. The former Maryland commit is explosive when he’s going east-west and he’s tough to stay in front of. If he sticks his foot in the ground, he’s past his man in a flash. He also did well in transition and moved well off the ball, finding himself open for an easy goal on a couple of occasions.

Vince D’Alto ‘19, A, Kings Park (N.Y.) / Legacy
He’s a natural lefty, but D’Alto can shoot equally with either hand and he’s a consistent scoring threat because of it. He’s got an advanced lacrosse IQ that allows him to see plays before they develop, and he’s just as adept as a feeder as he is a scorer. He put up a balanced 38-23-61 line as a sophomore, numbers that should spike if he continues to develop.

Rocco DiChiara ‘20, D, Brunswick School (Conn.) / PrimeTime
DiChiara is just smooth across the board with a very good drop step and a keen sense of awareness in the clearing game. He’s big and strong, and once he gets up on his opponent, the ball moves to somebody else rather quickly. DiChiara also showed an ability to take the ball away without playing out of control.

Liam Entenmann ‘19, G, Chaminade (N.Y.) / Long Island Express
A Notre Dame verbal, Entenmann was outstanding for his Express team thanks to his total command of the defense. He was constantly talking and looked confident, and when the shots came in, he took care of them with relative ease. His quick feet and ability to drop well helped him take away low rips, but his 6-3 frame and fast hands made life tough when shooting up top, too.

Gabe Goforth ‘20, M, Bishop Shanahan (Pa.) / Freedom
Man, this kid is special. Every time I see him, he does something different that really makes him stand out. On one play, the natural righty dodged down the left alley and uncorked a lefty laser under the bar in the opposite corner. Had I somehow missed that he was a lefty? Nope, he’s just that dangerous. At times, the future Terp is a man amongst boys against fellow 2020s, and you’re not catching him in the open field.

Ben Hull ‘20, A, Kennesaw Mountain (Ga.) / SweetLax Florida
Hull will change what the scoreboard has to say in a hurry. He can just rack up the goals and he makes it look easy. His handle in condensed spaces is incredibly impressive for a kid his age and he’s just a great finisher. The Michigan commit does a nice job of using his first three steps to keep defenders off-balance, which enables him to duck under and score.

Kyle Hoff ‘20, M, Southern Lehigh (Pa.) / Rising Sons
Hoff is starting to become a little more consistent in his game. That’s a scary thought for opponents, because the physical tools are all there. He’s already six feet tall and when he decides he’s getting to the rack, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. His defense stood out, too, when he showed good feet and had a hand in a caused turnover against Legacy.

Stevie Jones ‘19, M, South Lakes (Va.) / MadLax
It doesn’t take long for Jones to jump off the page from his defensive midfield spot. He’s everywhere, whether it’s snagging a ground ball off the wing, mixing it up with an offensive midfielder or dusting guys in transition. He had a filthy punt return clear against the Long Island Express where he emphatically split a double team to cap it off. The Villanova commit has great feet, which help him keep up with just about anyone.

Carl Klepper ‘19, A, St. Andrew’s (Fla.) / SweetLax Florida
Klepper is a goal scorer, first and foremost. He’s a big dude, checking in at around 6-5, and he’s savvy. Time and room for him means turn and rake for you. He’s definitely more of a finisher, but not to a fault. He’s more than able to draw a slide and dump it off to the backside. Mostly, though, Klepper just unleashes rockets on goalies.

Collin Krieg ‘20, G, Ward Melville (N.Y.) / Legacy
Shooting low on Krieg is a waste of everybody’s time. Go elsewhere if you want to even have a chance. Krieg was outstanding in a game against a skilled Rising Sons team, repeatedly denying excellent scoring chances, and he was basically unbeatable low. It’d be surprising if he stayed uncommitted much longer than Sept. 1, 2018. His quick feet are an asset and he tracked the ball well, and he matches well with shooters in tight.

Porter Lewis ‘20, A, St. Christopher’s (Va.) / MadLax
An attackman by trade, Lewis made quite an impression running midfield for MadLax. He had a clean decleater of a hit at midfield, and later, absolutely bulldozed through two players on a clear. When he’s at attack, the big Army commit is at his most comfortable on the lefty wing, where he can let a hard, accurate shot go.

Casey McDermott ‘20, A, Brighton (N.Y.) / SweetLax Upstate
The Johns Hopkins commit creates his own shot well and when he gets it, he doesn’t miss. A strong, accurate shooter, McDermott is equally confident with a shot on the run as he is with a time-and-room blast. He’s adept at dodging, and when he dodges, he does a nice job of not getting tunnel vision and is able to find his teammates.

Patrick O’Hara ‘20, M, Brother Rice (Mich.) / Juiced Cherries
Trying to stay in front of O’Hara for too long will probably leave you dizzy. The future Michigan Wolverine can split with the best of ‘em and he also comes with loaded with shooting range to boot. He was running by guys in the open field, and once he got near the net, it was over. A sweet right-to-left split with a righty two-handed finish and a transition top shelf rip gave some insight into what his offensive game looks.

Dodson Piotrowski ‘19, D, South Lakes (Va.) / MadLax
If you like big, mean defensemen, Piotrowski is your guy. He’s physically intimidating and throws precise checks with his active stick. He constantly made life tough on opposing attackmen and has the ability to frequently make them put the ball on the ground. Bull dodging won’t get you far against him.

Honorable Mention

Chris Arceri ‘20, FO/M, Smithtown East (N.Y.) / SweetLax Upstate – Penn
Edward Arnold ‘19, D/LSM, Manhasset (N.Y.) / Long Island Express – Penn
Phillip Arnold ‘19, D, Chaminade (N.Y.) / Long Island Express
Sean Cameron ’20, M, Bishop Guertin (N.H.) / NH Tomahawks
Jack Cleary ‘19, LSM, Iona Prep (N.Y.) / PrimeTime  – Marquette
Devin Craven ‘19, G, Maret (D.C.) / MadLax
Eric Dobson ‘20, M, Fleming Island (Fla.) / SweetLax Florida
Luke Fisher ‘20, A, St. Stephens & St. Agnes (Va.) / MadLax
Wyatt Hawkins ‘20, M, Vandegrift (Texas) / Iron Horse Austin
Tommy Hovivian ‘20, A, Dallas Jesuit (Texas) / Iron Horse Dallas
Greyson Mokarow ‘19, D, Dallas Jesuit (Texas) / Iron Horse Dallas
Jake Naso ‘20, FO/M, Shoreham Wading River (N.Y.) / Legacy – Boston University
Eddie Newman ’20, A, Manheim Township (Pa.) / Rising Sons
Carter Parlette ‘20, M, Hagarty (Fla.) / SweetLax Florida – Syracuse
Hunter Pendergraf ‘20, D, Detroit Catholic Central (Mich.) / Juiced Cherries
Christian Ronda ‘19, A, Brunswick School (Conn.) / PrimeTime – Princeton
Robert Schain ‘19, A, Bullis (Md.) / MadLax – Penn
Nick Woodard ‘20, LSM, North Stafford (Va.) / MadLax

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