10 Who Impressed At Maverik Showtime 2021’s

DDblWP1XkAAHHL6Housed at Western Connecticut University in Danbury (Conn.), Maverik Showtime attracts the top player talent from across the country, adding a rising freshman division a year ago. Despite the new recruiting regulations limiting early recruiting, participants competed against the nation’s top players for three days straight of competitive games to prepare them for future recruiting events and a high level of competition. Run by former Syracuse teammates Paul Carcaterra, Joe Ceglia and Michael Springer & sponsored by Cascade Lacrosse and Maverik Lacrosse, the 2021 pool was loaded with Blue Chip talent.

Dante Batista ’21, G, Prime Time / Wilton (Conn.)
Batista is a sizable righty goalie that makes all the saves he is supposed to make and then some. He impressed with his ability to make off-stick saves and deny shooters in tight. A vocal leader, he directs his defensive personnel and sparks early offense with his clearing ability.

Ari Allen, A, LB3
Allen jumped out on day one, scoring a highlight reel goal early in his first game. His ability to create separation from his defender makes him an elite level dodger. Shake combined with his ability to feed and shoot make him a nightmare for opposing defenders.

Griffin Schutz, A, Team CT / Deerfield Academy (Mass.)
Schutz is a physical presence that displays skill and IQ. One of his best attributes is his ability to drive hard to the cage and then step back away from his defender to feed. Numerous times opposing defenses could be seen weighing whether or not to slide to him. Not sliding would allow him to showcase his finishing ability, while sliding would ensure he found an open teammate with a well-placed ‘one more’ pass. Schutz committed to Boston U. back in January when he was a freshman (2020) at Trumbull HS in Connecticut, but will transfer and re-class at prep power Deerfield Academy in Western Massachusetts.

Andrew Atchison, A, True / Lassiter (Ga.)
Atchison was impressive all camp. His defenders were constantly terrorized as he beat them off the dodge, sneakily hung them up on the net or blistered a shot past their goalie from range. The two words that best describe Atchison are jittery and complete – his first step and ability to break down defenders combined with a long range shot and finishing ability make him an intriguing prospect.

Tyler Buchner, M, West Coast Starz / Bishop’s School (Calif.) – Michigan
Early this summer, Buchner impressed with an ability to explode past defenders and shoot on the run. His game is remarkably polished for such a young player. While he is competent and comfortable with both hands, what impressed most this week was his on-ball defense. When guarding opposing midfielders, his man often looks intimidated and uncomfortable. New coach Kevin Conry has a future stud in Buchner, who also has a football offer from UCLA.

Dante Trader Jr., M, Quiet Storm, Madlax National / Delmar (Del.) 
Trader is an absolute workhorse between the lines. He competes, swarms ground balls and pushes transition. While he is willing to do the dirty work and grind out shift after shift, he also possesses a high velocity shot and an ability to feed. Trader’s two-way ability should endear him to a number of college coaches.

Andrew McAdorey, M, Team 91
McAdorey was the one of the most impressive players in a stacked class of midfielders. His explosive first-step allows him to dodge down the alley or sweep over the top and unleash a powerful shot. A high IQ player, McAdorey will draw slides and unselfishly move the ball forward or find an open teammate somewhere on the back side. One play saw him track down an opponent with a 15 yard head start during a ride.

Anthony Ghobriel, FO, Texas Mustangs / Highland Park (Tex.)
Ghobriel is a lightning quick draw man that possesses the intellect and skill of veteran FOGOs. He dominated his competition and handled pressure from opposing wings all week. Once he collects the ball off the draw he is as poised as any field player and capable of scoring early in possessions.

Kevin Lynch, D, Eclipse / Staples (Conn.)
A defensive coordinator’s dream, Lynch is exciting to watch. During the three days he bullied opposing dodgers around the field and put them on lockdown. His checks are calculated, tactical and callous. In any scrum he is a safe bet to come up with tough ground balls.

Michael Bath, D/LSM, Madlax / Flint Hill School (Va.)
Bath is all you could want in an LSM. He can push offense, put the ball on the ground and corral any loosie. A true takeaway-artist, he routinely dislodged the ball from his opponents and then quickly picked it up to spark transition offense. Confident and poised with the ball, Bath created a number of offensive scoring opportunities.

James Green, A, Harlem Lacrosse / Cardigan Mountain School (N.H.)
Joe Dowling, A, Coquitlam Adanacs / Deerfield (Mass.)
Tanner Burns, A, Orange Crush / Jamesville Dewitt (N.Y.)
Aidan Mulholland, M, Igloo / Manhasset (N.Y.)
Cody Hart, M, 3d Oregon / Lakeridge (Ore.)
William Mangold, M, Thunder / Lambert (Ga.)
Matthew Dixon, M, Looney’s / Loyola Blakefield (Md.)
Alec Vaccaro, FO, True / Culver (Ind.)
Scotty Hilgartner, D, Crabs / McDonogh (Md.)
Jake Tolentino, D, Igloo / Manhasset (N.Y.)
Aidan Hubbard, D, BBL
Kevin Lopez, D, BBL / Ridge (N.J.)
Sean Fox, D, Eclipse (Conn.)
Matt Nunes, G, Iron Horse / Woodlands (Tex.)
Mitchell Gutgsell, G, Denver Elite / Highlands Ranch (Colo.)

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