Standouts From Baltimore Summer Kickoff Session 2

JCGjLpcV_400x400For the second weekend in a row, Baltimore Summer Kickoff took place down in Maryland and attracted over 125 college coaches to the St. Paul’s Schools. Hosted by the High Point staff, BSK has long acted as one of the hotter tournaments for college coaches from all divisions looking for talent from both established hotbeds and non-traditional areas. We were there once again after covering last week’s event and took a look at the best players in attendance.

Mitchell Moyer ’19, A, NXT / Archmere Academy (Del.)
One of the biggest players on the field, Moyer stood out as a match-up nightmare on Saturday. The righty attackman plays with a swagger and competitive attitude that gives his team a spark whenever he has the ball. His size and physical dodging style is complimented by slick stickwork and powerful shooting, which was demonstrated all weekend by his ability to let it fly from anywhere on the field. Moyer plays angry and has shown to be a vocal leader within the offense as well. His play earlier in the day earned him a spot in the All-Star game on Saturday afternoon, where he scored two commanding goals for the Black Team.

Dane Hall ’19, M, Blackwolf / St. John’s (D.C.)
Hall is one of the more balanced players I was able to see play, with a strong fundamental skill set that adds outcome to opportunity. With slightly above average size and quickness, the UMBC commit impressed with his ability to and open space within the defense, whether he’s creating it himself, or simply finding a clear passing lane. The right-hander can bring the heat down the alley with an on-the-run shot, and scored one of his three goals in a close game Saturday morning against a sturdy NXT 2019 team. He followed up with a smooth low-to-high goal with time and room, and later on an off-ball cut that left him open on the doorstep for an easy dunk. With three quiet goals, Hall finds a way to get his bench amped up, motivating other players as he leads by example; perhaps the most impressive aspect of his game.

Cameron Stovel ’19, LSM, Florida National / King’s Academy (Fla.)
Another defensive threat for the Florida National team is Cameron Stovel. He has the size and strength of an ACC defender combined with the aggression and competitiveness of a Big Ten defender, making him a solid uncommitted prospect for many Division 1 coaches. He plays an old-school style of physical defense on ball, and I was impressed with his ability to completely blanket dodgers, often the top offensive players from the opposing team. Stovel was making caused turnovers look routine, putting fear in the eyes of his attackmen whenever he made an approach. He is yet another impressive recruit coming out of the growing hotbed of lacrosse in Florida.

Andres Bianco ’19, D, Florida National / Champagnat Catholic (Fla.)
While he lacks some of the size that characterizes the other defensemen and LSMs on the Florida National team, Bianco makes up for his smaller stature with a tough, gritty style of play. He plays hard on and off the ball, displaying his aggressive nature as he picks dodgers apart in the open field. If he was outmatched by a bigger, stronger opponent, he impressed with his accurate trail checking ability. Bianco is a player his teammates and coaches can feel confident in, as his athleticism and competitive attitude surpasses that of his opponents.

Patrick O’Hara ’20, M, Juiced Cherries / Culver (Ind.)
Committed to Michigan, O’Hara was not only selected to the Saturday All-Star game roster, but was also my unofficial MVP of the day. The righty plays a Canadian style of lacrosse, displaying a fondness for toe dragging, superior stick skills with his strong hand and unconventional shot selection. He repeatedly catches defenders and goalies off guard with smooth stick fakes and a deceptive dodging style, and I witnessed him notch a game high five goals, one being a right-handed around-the-world that used his defender as a screen. Slack-jawed, I quickly scribbled stars around his roster number as a huge standout. O’Hara isn’t yet a physical monster, but his box-esque approach to the game leaves defenders one step behind him with his hands free, which is one aspect of his play that makes him such a difficult matchup for defenses.

Donny Gayhardt ’19, D, NXT / Malvern Prep (Pa.)
Gayhardt is a long, athletic defender that anchors his team’s defensive unit. He was the vocal leader of the group, communicating slide packages and rotations while assuming his own roles on and off-ball with pride. His size allows him to match up well with more physical opponents, while his poise and footwork allow him to keep up with quicker, shiftier dodgers. Gayhardt’s patience on ball presents the big righty with takeaway opportunities all over the field, as he showed an ability to quickly deliver a timely check, followed by a clean groundball to push transition. He works well in a “hot” position, executing good decisions on when and where to slide when supporting his teammates, making him an exceptionally well-rounded player.

Holden Patterson ’18, A, Blackwolf / Robinson (Va.)
The Wagner verbal earned a spot on the All-Star roster, bringing in two powerful shots in the game, one of them burning in on a low-to-low shot that left the goalie guessing. Patterson is a quick, rangy shooter with good size accompanied by a dodging ability that frees him up for shots on the run, though he’s most effective with his feet set. Capable of setting either his teammates or himself up for scoring opportunities, the lanky lefty proved to be a dynamic scorer and a constant threat to the defense, and will have the skill set to thrive at the next level.

Benjamin Wayer ’20, LSM, Blackwolf / St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Va.)
Tall and lanky for his age, Wayer drew my attention from the first whistle of the 10 o’clock game against a strong Juiced Cherries team. Taking the wing on faceoffs, the righty pole flies around laying heavy checks and scooping groundballs like a vacuum. He has good speed and plays aggressively in the middle of the field as well as the defensive end, but thrives in transition. He put up some excellent numbers as well, including two caused turnovers, two groundballs and a goal. He is poised and has great hands to catch, handle and finish the ball, making him a threat at both ends. Adding to his dynamic skillset, Wayer takes draws himself when his team needs a defensive advantage and makes life difficult for opposing team’s face-off middies with persistent ball pressure.

Marley Tolton ’19, G, Triad Elite / Reynolds (N.C.)
Tolton played lights out in the first half of a very close game against Florida National on Saturday evening. He made at least five huge saves in succession before allowing just one goal before the end of the first half, at which point he shared time with another Triad goalie. His outstanding play gave his team a spark of confidence, as he made stop after stop on time and room shots and doorstep attempts, displaying a nearly brick wall save percentage. His teammates trusted Tolton to make the saves he should have made, but Tolton went further, making impossible saves look easy.

Adam Shea ’19, F/O, Triad Elite / Walter Hines Page (N.C.)
Another outstanding speciality player for the Triad Elite, Shea had an unbelievable game against Florida National, posting a 100% win percentage on draws, going a ridiculous 18/18 against a formidable opponent. Shea is smaller physically, but very quick, and handles the ball well once he pulls it out. His pulls are clean and crisp, and his efficiency seems to be unmatched.

Caleb Holdridge ’19, A, Dallas Select
Jeremy Handman ’18, A, Florida National
Chase Noah ’19, A, Next Level
Mac Gates ’18, G, Alcatraz Outlaws
Eliot Holden ’19, A, Triad Elite
Tucker Goodelle ’20, A, Team 24/7
Joey Graham ’20, A, Landon
Josh Lehrman ’19, A, Florida
Griffin Phillips ’19, LSM, Florida National
Cameron Fiore ’18, G, NXT
Sam Bedick ’20, F/O, Juiced Cherries
Ian Groom ’18, F/O, Blackwolf
Connor Marsh ’18, M, Juiced Cherries

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