Wave III of the Class of 2017 Under Armour All-Americans Released

1024x1024-4Baltimore, Md. (May 1, 2017)— Under Armour, in conjunction with Corrigan Sports Enterprises and Inside Lacrosse, is thrilled to announce the third wave of 11 boys who have been selected to compete in the 12th annual Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Game on July 1 at Towson University’s Johnny Unitas Stadium.

The girls’ game will get underway at 5:30 p.m., immediately followed by the boys’ game at 8:00 p.m. The game’s participants, which will be announced in four waves of 11 players through the end of May, will be divided into North and South teams in conjunction with the release of the final wave. The first wave was announced on April 4, while the second wave was released on April 17.

Wave III: Boys Under Armour All-Americans

Alex Buckanavage, Ridgefield, Conn. | Brunswick (Conn.) | Michigan
Nate Buller, Herndon, Va. | Landon (Md.) | Navy

James Avanzato, Lake Grove, N.Y. | Sachem North (N.Y.) | Maryland
Riley Curtis, Brampton, Ont. | Hill Academy (Ont.) | Denver
Mike Drake, Wilmington, Del. | Salesianum (Del.) | Notre Dame

Jackson Reid, Guelph, Ont. | Culver Academy (Ind.) | Ohio State

Justin Shockey, Potomac, Md. | Landon (Md.) | Navy

Adrian Enchill, Pittsfield, Mass. | Westminster (Conn.) | Brown
Jared Reinson, Princeton, N.J. | Montgomery (N.J.) | Johns Hopkins

Ryan Cornell, Darien, Conn. | Darien (Conn.) | Vermont
Drew Morris, New Canaan, Conn. | New Canaan (Conn.) | Maryland

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