Recruiting Rundown’s Top 100 College Freshmen, Part 2

After last night’s release of the Top 100’s upper half of current college freshmen, it’s time to unveil players 51-100, as many players will begin this weekend. As previously mentioned, these rankings differ from the underclass rankings that are put out each summer. While sophomores, juniors and seniors’ placement is meant to reflect their talents at the high school level, this edition of the Top 100 is meant to project a player’s four-year career, taking into consideration all of the variables that come with the college game and how the athletes fit in at their respective program. Depth charts, live scouts, film, conversations with college coaches and a plethora of other factors are taken into consideration more than high school stats and accomplishments.

51. Owen Colwell, D, Hopkins | Westfield (N.J.)
52. Alex DeMarco, G, Penn | Haverford (Pa.)
53. Jared Nugent, M, Villanova | St. Anthony’s (N.Y.)
54. Jacob Kanak, D, Notre Dame | Culver (Ind.)
55. Logan Wisnauskas, A, Syracuse | Boys’ Latin (Md.)
56. Kyle Smith, M, Denver | New Canaan (Conn.)
57. Jeremy Magno, M, Harvard | Bergen Catholic (N.J.)
58. Peter Dearth, M, Syracuse | Ridgefield (Conn.)
59. Conor Gaffney, F/O, Lehigh | Lenape (N.J.)
60. Ben French, A, Vermont | IMG Academy (Fla.)

61. Blake Carrara, LSM, Maryland | Riverhead (N.Y.)
62. Josh Kirson, G, Ohio State | Rivers (Mass.)
63. Steven Shollenberger, A, Maryland | Bullis (Md.)
64. Mitch Gordon, A, Virginia | St. Paul’s (Md.)
65. Matt Trowbridge, G, Michigan | MICDS (Mo.)
66. TD Ierlan, F/O, Albany | Victor (N.Y.)
67. Anthony DeMaio, A, Maryland | Coronado (Calif.)
68. Brian Smyth, FO/M, Duke | Westminster (Conn.)
69. Jacob Giacalone, G, Hopkins | Sachem North (N.Y.)
70. David Strupp, D, Harvard | New Canaan (Conn.)

71. Russell Masci, M, Maryland | Don Bosco Prep (N.J.)
72. Matt Gaudet, A, Yale | Salisbury (Conn.)
73. John Railey, D, Loyola | Georgetown Prep (Md.)
74. Travis Ford, M, Fairfield | Webster Thomas (N.Y.)
75. Brian Ward, M, Yale | Mt. Lebanon (Pa.)
76. Charlie Kitchen, A, Delaware | St. Augustine (N.J.)
77. Matt Fedorjaka, M, Fairfield | Lewisburg (Pa.)
78. Kyle Hyland, F/O, Notre Dame | Hinsdale Central (Ill.)
79. Matt Stagnitta, M, Hopkins | Montgomery (N.J.)
80. Wade Maloney, M, Virginia | Lawrenceville (N.J.)

81. Patrick Lyons, D, North Carolina | Salesianum (Del.)
82. Henry Adams, A, Michigan | Cherry Creek (Colo.)
83. Ryan Terefenko, M, Ohio State | Wilson West Lawn (Pa.)
84. Louie Yovino, M, Furman | St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.)
85. Christian Ford, M, Michigan | Bishop’s (Calif.)
86. Griffin Brown, M, Colgate | Landon (Md.)
87. Kevin Kodzis, A, Holy Cross | Foothill (Calif.)
88. Michael Farnish, D, Notre Dame | Radnor (Pa.)
89. Adam Goldner, A, Penn | Malvern Prep (Pa.)
90. Sam Harnisch, A, Denver | St. Margaret’s Episcopal (Calif.)

91. Michael Brown, D, Brown | Wilton (Conn.)
92. Nick Grill, D, Marquette | Bridgewater-Raritan (N.J.)
93. Matt DeLuca, G, Delaware | Farmingdale (N.Y.)
94. Dalton Follows, M, Harvard | Hill Academy (Ont.)
95. Jack Kniffin, A/M, Brown | Darien (Conn.)
96. Peter Swindell, M, Loyola | New Canaan (Conn.)
97. Stephen Chase, A, Notre Dame | Maclay (Fla.)
98. Conor Smith, A, Penn State | West Islip (N.Y.)
99. Ryan Murray, D, Penn | Malvern Prep (Pa.)
100. Wiley Bonham, A, Loyola | Monte Vista (Calif.)

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