Adrenaline Partners With ACC Coaches For November’s Atlantic Coast Prospect Games In Florida

CnaRjTLXYAEiq1aAdrenaline is proud to announce a first of its kind recruiting experience that aims to give NCAA caliber players an NCAA level experience. With an all-in-one approach in mind, Adrenaline has partnered with the ACC coaching staffs in order to build an instructional and educational recruiting platform unlike any other. Introducing the premiere conference-centric event, the Atlantic Coast Prospect Games (ACPG) will allow the college coaches to do what they do best – coach.

This three-day prospect camp will afford college programs the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate prospects and coach players like they are on a top-level team. Players in turn gain the ultimate collegiate exposure and invaluable high level training from full ACC coaching staffs including the head coach and three members from each program, as well as a rare lifetime chance to experience what its like to be apart of a highly ranked collegiate team.

ACPG is set to take place in Coral Springs, Florida on November 11th through 13th where players and coaches alike can escape to the 80-degree sunny fall weather. Each participating player will be assigned to an ACC affiliated team based on position and members from each ACC program will work exclusively with the teams over three days. The weekend will be jam packed with collegiate level intensive programming that has been methodically organized to include classroom talks, positional training, team practices, film review sessions, strategy meetings and playoff games. An All-Tournament team will be nationally recognized at the end of the weekend by way of the college coaches and Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET).

Adrenaline is honored to partner with the ACC coaching staffs and offer this unique event series,” says Alex Cade, CEO of Adrenaline. “This new concept transcends convention and changes the landscape of our sport.  We are confident that giving top high school prospects an intimate and authentic NCAA experience, from the full coaching staffs of the nation’s top programs, will be extremely impactful for our sport.  Its important to see our sport evolve from the days of simply putting recruiters on a sideline, rolling a ball out and wishing players good luck.  Aspiring NCAA prospects deserve better than that.  These coaches and their staffs are world-class teachers and mentors.  By having them involved in developing and mentoring the players at this level will have ripple effects that will push the sport forward.”

The headlining coaching staffs are equally excited about this new event offering and their involvement. “We’re excited to be part of what I believe will be the best camp anywhere for playing at a high level,” says Kevin Corrigan, Notre Dame head coach. “Players learning from the best coaching staffs and enjoying the game – I look forward to being part of this great fall event.”

Adrenaline will preserve the boutique feel of the event by capping the number of players so they receive maximum attention and visibility from the coaches. “It is exciting to partner with the ACC coaching staffs to launch a first class event like this,” says Jono Zissi, Adrenaline Collegiate Recruiting Director. “It will provide top high school players across the country a model environment to be recruited AND be coached by the entire staffs of each ACC program.”

College coaches from other programs are welcome to attend the event.

To be treated like an NCAA player, you must look the part. Each player will receive the ultimate team gear pack designed to mimic the corresponding ACC team they are assigned to. The full offering will mirror the programming portion of the event to ensure players are appropriately dressed throughout the weekend (i.e. film, practice, games). Players will be decked out in best in class Adrenaline performance apparel such as custom pinnies, AeroLyte shorts, unreleased Ventilator Shooter shirts, tights, bags and more (as seen on Adrln All Americans, MLL teams, college teams, etc). Further sponsorship gear will be leaked at a later date.


  • Top Caliber Players divided into teams that are coached by the Head Coach and two assistant coaches from each ACC program in a competitive atmosphere
  • Intimate environment with unrivaled player-to-coach ratio
  • Simulate three days of collegiate on field & off field training, including team practices, scrimmages, film sessions, classroom talks, strategy meetings and playoff games
  • Each player receives drills, nutrition & training packets to advance their game
  • Form strong player to coach relationship while getting exposure to every ACC program
  • Learn ACC teams’ culture, philosophies, programming & more
  • Head-toe-toe team offering with best in class performance apparel and top of the line gear from well-known lacrosse companies
  • Each player receives drills, nutrition & training packets to advance their game


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