A Look At New England’s Under Armour Underclass Tryouts + Final Rosters

UAAA-Lacrosse-Final-LogoWith the Under Armour Underclass tournament just a week away, the New England roster had to be determined leading up to the games, as the tryouts took place this past Tuesday from 9-5 on the campus of Yale University.

Spencer Turkel, a summer intern here on Recruiting Rundown, made the trip and evaluated the talent in the graduating classes of 2017 through 2020. Here’s a look at the eight players that caught his eye the most as well as the final rosters for the Command and Highlight divisions for New England.

Griffin Harris ’17, A, Governor’s Academy (Mass.) – UVA
Harris is an attackman that operates from X with great vision, but really makes his money off-ball. In the one game I watched him play, the UVA pledge had five goals, four of which came after he caught the ball sneaking from X or back-cutting his defensemen. His cuts were perfectly timed –  once catching the ball on the run, the ball was in and out of his stick rapidly. His release was as accurate as it was quick, shooting 5/5 in the game. I am very excited to see this off-ball stud maneuver through defenses in Coach Tiffany’s high-tempo offense at UVA.

Adrian Enchill ’17, LSM, Westminster (Conn.) – Notre Dame
The human highlight reel, Enchill was able to leave coaches and evaluators in awe with his flashy but effective style of play. Defensively, he was constantly on his opponent’s hands, causing several turnovers on the day. He was terrific on ground balls and has a strong burst of speed that makes him stand out in the clearing game. The most impressive part of his game is his ability to be an offensive threat. He constantly draws slides, and uses his terrific vision to find the open man, as I saw him have multiple assists on the day. In addition to his ability to scan the field, I saw him back his man down and send a behind-the-back shot past the goaltender with his pole. There is no limit to what he can do on the field with the kind of athleticism and high motor that he possesses. He really is a pleasure to watch and will be an asset to the New England Highlight Team.

Alex Bamford ’19, A, Taft (Conn.) – Michigan
Close to becoming a complete player, the future Wolverine had a habit of creating offense. He moves well off-ball and always gets his hands free to find an open teammate or to let it fly. I saw him score in a multitude of ways on Tuesday. He has a deadly accurate cannon from the outside, but can also finish on the run and in tight under pressure. I assume that Bamford will be helping lead the New England Command offense, as he’s developing into a confident carrier.

Lajhon Jones ’19, D, LaSalle Academy (R.I.) – Bryant
Set to graduate in 2018 then take a PG year, Jones was a bully out on the field. The Bryant verbal has good athleticism that allows him to match feet with his counterpart, but throws brutally hard, accurate and effective checks. He put on a show, recording five caused turnovers in the game that I watched. After creating the loose ball situation, he often fought for the ground ball then made the smart play by moving it up the field to a midfielder.

Brian Cameron ’18, A, Bishop Guertin (N.H.) – UNC
A very polished young attackman, Brian went for three goals & three assists in the game I watched. He uses his big frame very well, backing down his defensemen and playing his angles to get off a shot. Aside from his ability to be a prolific scorer, he gets his teammates involved by drawing the slide and finding the open man. He was one of the first committed prospects in his class for a good reason, and it looks like he hasn’t lost a step since.

Colby Gendron, M, 2018, Phillips Academy, Mass (Brown): Checking in at 6’7, there is no stopping Colby when he has a full head of steam dodging down the alley. He consistently initiated contact on his dodge and got his hands free at will for a beautiful on the run stroke. He logged three goals in the game I caught, all on the run. For a big player, he runs extremely well in between the boxes. The Brown commit has great endurance, being able to run all day and push the ball in transition.

Zachary Tucci, F/O, 2018, Bedford (N.H.) – Cornell
Some of the quicker hands I’ve seen on the summer circuit thus far, the returning specialist from last year’s New England Team controlled the clamp on all but one face-off I saw all day. The New Hampshire native had a plethora of ways to exit into a safe spot where only he or his wings could pick up the ground ball. I am very excited to see how he compares to some of the nation’s best during the Under Armour tournament.

Xander Dickson, A, 2018, Brunswick School (Conn.) – Penn
In my opinion, it is an absolute crime that Dickson was snubbed from the final roster. He is a slick off-ball player that has phenomenal hands in tight and a crafty finisher. After his teammates drew the slide, he did a terrific job of moving away from “the two” into an open space to catch and score. In addition to his off-ball skillset, he changes direction very well and bursts out of his dodge, leaving his defender in the dust. I had him down for two goals and an assist in the all-star game. I believe that the New England Highlight offense will be missing the Brunswick product at the tournament.

Andrew Antonucci ’18, M, Phillips Academy (Mass.)
Matthew Baugher ’18, A, Greenwich (Conn.)
William Bowen ’18, D, Boston College HS (Mass.) – UNC
Alex Buckanavage ’17, A, Brunswick (Conn.) – Michigan
Patrick Burkinshaw ’18, G, Brunswick (Conn.) – Virginia
Foster Burnley ’17, LSM, Souhegan (N.H.) – Cornell
Brian Cameron ’18, A, Bishop Guertin (N.H.) – UNC
Jackson Caputo ’17, D, Deerfield Academy (Mass.) – Brown
Nick Crovatto ’18, F/O, New Canaan (Conn.)
Jackson Curran ’17, A, Governor’s Academy (Mass.)
Adrian Enchill ’17, LSM, Westminster (Conn.) – Notre Dame
Colby Gendron ’18, M, Phillips Academy (Mass.) – Brown
Bobby Goggin ’17, M, Choate (Conn.) – Colgate
Griffin Harris ’17, A, Governor’s Academy (Mass.) – Virginia
Brendan Jordan ’18, M, Governor’s Academy (Mass.) – Colgate
Tommy Joyce ’18, D, Boston College HS (Mass.) – Holy Cross
Nick Loring ’18, M, Noble & Greenough (Mass.) – Ivy League
Zach Ludd ’18, A, Governor’s Academy (Mass.) – Ohio State
Petter Ripperger ’18, G, Brien McMahon (Conn.)
Riley Stewart ’17, M, Darien (Conn.) – Brown
Griffin Thomas ’17, LSM, Deerfield Academy (Mass.) – Yale
Zachary Tucci ’18, F/O, Bedford (N.H.) – Cornell
Tanner Wood ’17, M, Staples (Conn.) – Syracuse

Alex Bamford ’19, A, Taft (Conn.) – Michigan
Christian Barnard ’19, G, Brunswick (Conn.)
Thomas Bryan ’19, F/O, Walter Panas (N.Y.)
Brett Daubert ’20, M, Westminster (Conn.)
Peter Davies ’19, A, Dover-Sherborn (Mass.)
Ryan Dobrzynski ’19, M, La Salle Academy (R.I.)
Mac Fotiades ’19, G, St. Sebastian’s (Mass.) – Michigan
Michael Gottlieb ’19, M, Brunswick (Conn.)
Michael Hughes ’19, LSM, Brooks (Mass.)
Lajhon Jones ’19, D, La Salle Academy (R.I.) – Bryant
Camden Kennedy ’19, M, Governor’s Academy (Mass.)
JJ Levandowski ’19, M, St. Mark’s (Mass.) – Ohio State
Donny Macaluso ’19, D, Staples (Conn.)
Thomas McIntire ’19, A, Tabor Academy (Mass.) – Holy Cross
Ian Murray ’19, D, Brunswick (Conn.)
Colin O’Connor, D, La Costa Canyon (Calif.)
MacGregor Peterson ’19, A, Taft (Conn.)
Henry Rentz ’19, M, Thayer Academy (Mass.)
Blake Runkle ’19, D, Staples (Conn.)
Justin Wietfeldt ’20, F/O, New Canaan (Conn.)
Torben Wunderle ’19, A, Simsbury (Conn.)
Dawson Wynne ’19, M, Salisbury (Conn.) – Maryland


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