10 Who Impressed At Baltimore Summer Kickoff, Session 2

JCGjLpcV.jpegTaking over the St. Paul’s Schools for much of June, High Point coaches Jon Torpey and Pat Tracy once again hosted a multitude of teams from all over for Session II of the Baltimore Summer Kickoff. All-Star Games took place on Saturday evening (rosters viewable here), wrapping up a day in which close to 100 college coaches stopped by to eyeball the uncommitted talent.

RR contributor Tal Bruno took in the action in its entirety on Saturday, providing a look at 10 of the prospects that showcased well over the course of the day. For his standouts from the first session (with a look at 2020’s from TJ Oursler), check out last week’s piece here.

Jack Hannah ’17, A, Cincy Royals / Milford (Oh.)
A tall lefty with superior stickwork and understanding of the game, Hannah uses his physical ability to quarterback the Royals’ offense. His deceptive stick fakes and slow, methodical dodging style puts opposing defenses in uncomfortable situations, opening up passing and shooting lanes. Hannah’s poise and patience while handling the ball showcases the confident swagger he brings to his game. He’s also an athlete in the middle of the field, showing his speed as he rides hard on clears to give his team extra possessions.

Jackson Reynolds ’19, A, Blackwolf / St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Va.)
Reynolds put up impressive numbers, scoring a combined six goals in two games on Saturday. His ability to score with both hands puts pressure on opponents and he uses a quick right-right split dodge to catch defenders on their heels. With decent size, the lefty attackman finds room to unleash on step-downs as well as the opportunity to create his own shots with crafty question mark dodges.

Bryce Clay ’18, A, Juiced Cherries / Forest Hills Central (Ill.)
Selected to play in the All-Star game after scoring four goals in his first game of the weekend, Clay showcased his impressive dodging, shooting, and feeding abilities in a big way. A sneaky lefty, Clay has the stick skills and vision to lead his offense, creating scoring opportunities in a variety of ways and finding gaps in the defense. He makes the most of his size when dodging, and is able to sneak to the backside on cuts for easy goals. A fundamentally strong player, he has the potential to be a great college player.

Alex Hirsch ’17, M, Team Man Up / West Chester East (Pa.)
Another All-Star selection, Hirsch is a smaller, two-handed midfielder with superior speed, quickness, and athleticism. His split catches defenders standing still, allowing him to get underneath the defense and in close for a layup. With great field vision and awareness, Hirsch finds dodging room in the defense and capitalizes. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in athletic ability and shows it as he runs circles around his matchups.

Connor Pirrung ’19, M, Bucktown Lacrosse / Wakefield (N.C.)
Pirrung is the classic big, fast, and strong midfielder, capable with both hands to let shots fly. A hard downhill dodger, he’s a beast down the alley, opening him up to stick two huge lefty shots on the run in his last game of the weekend. He isn’t limited in shot selection, because he pulls laser shots underhand and overhand, always mixing up the location. Pirrung plays a gritty, blue-collar brand of lacrosse, with the physical skills to take over games.

Vincente Lobo ’18, M, Juiced Cherries / Dow (Mich.)
A manchild at the midfield, Lobo takes wings on faceoffs, gets tough groundballs and fires shots on the run with conviction. He’s a natural athlete with good size to body up opponents and get to the goal. Lobo is poised and comfortable playing with or without the ball, and plays different roles on the team. A go-to player for the Cherries, he embraces his position and plays aggressive yet fundamental style lacrosse.

Jack Platner ’17, LSM/D, Laxachusetts / Franklin (Mass.)
Platner plays LSM and defense interchangeably to help out his team. A big, tall player, he is an imposing prescence within the Laxachusetts defense. The natural right-hander is athletic chaser-checker in the middle of the field, and displayed an aggressive determination in the groundball game. He also takes a spot on the faceoff wing, where he scoops up balls like there’s nobody around. Platner doesn’t hesitate to push transition, and will take the ball to the goal if you let him. He is an impressive talent in every part of the field.

Jake Giulieri ’19, D, Blackwolf / Georgetown Prep (Md.)
If there were a two-point line in place on Saturday, Giulieri would have benefitted from it in his second game. The D-man bolted up the field with magnificent speed, letting loose an absolute rocket sidearm shot from the restraining line with his left hand. The shot stuck top left of the goal before the goalie could flinch, and the Blackwolf bench went wild. Giulieri plays solid positional defense, and has the skills and awareness to make plays in transition. He’s a young player with a strong possibility of making an impact at the next level and is getting a ton of attention from Top 20 programs.

Ronan O’Connor ’19, D, Titanium / Shady Side Academy (Pa.)
O’Connor is a huge player on the defensive end, physically as well as impactfully. He’s a big, strong defender with spectacular footwork and positioning to win his matchup, pushing opponents around with ease. O’Connor is patient on-ball; timing up checks and remaining fundamentally sound as he takes possessions away. He’s smart in the clearing game, and has strong stick skills to make tough passes under duress. An outstanding defender even at this young age.

Brady Ludewig ’19, M/FO, Titanium / Hudson (Oh.)
Capable as a two-way midfielder, Ludewig also makes a well-deserved living at the face-off X. With great size and a football-esque mentality, he barrels down the field after a win and plows past defenders like a runaway train. His offensive abilities are highlighted by his dodging and shooting skills down the right alley on the run. Ludewig’s shot finishes with a super quick release, making goalies guess on shot location. After he finds the back of the net, he makes his way back to the X to do it all again. He’s an impressive power at the midfield and as a face-off man.

Honorable Mention
Riley Meyer ’19, G, Bucktown
Drew Billig ’18, A, Juiced Cherries
Matthew Connolly ’17, LSM/D, Laxachusetts
Mitch McIntee ’19, D, SouthShore
John Zolet ’18, G, Bullis
Nick Rowlett ’18, F/O, VLC – Lafayette 

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