Standouts From The Under Armour Underclass Baltimore Tryouts: Command Division

imagesThe folks at Corrigan Sports expanded this year, affecting both the Under Armour Underclass tryout process and the event itself by including rising high school freshmen (2020) and splitting up the age groups. Instead of having three graduating classes together showcased on two fields at Towson, there will be a Command division (2019 and 2020) and Highlight Division (2017 and 2018) in the late June/early July event. In addition, a Southwest region has been added, which effectively splits up some of the states that have been represented on the South and West rosters with talent-rich states such as Colorado and Texas. 
This week, the Baltimore tryouts went down at the campus of Goucher College in Towson, Md. Over 120 college coaches attended on Wednesday and Thursday surveying the five fields for the talent with the respective callback games taking place on Thursday evening. Throughout the tryouts, evaluators were given sheets with player numbers and position to eliminate any bias with club and high school coaches prohibited from nominating their own players in the final roster meetings.

Hopkins rising junior midfielder Tal Bruno, a former Under Armour All-American himself, attended on Wednesday evening and wrote up the best 2019/2020 players from the night. Have a look at what will be the first of several recaps from Bruno’s summer work with Recruiting Rundown and keep your eyes peeled on the rosters this weekend. Note: These standouts are from Wednesday only and don’t reflect Thursday’s play. In addition, they were done without any knowledge of the final rosters.

Evan Long ’19, G, McDonogh (Md.)
Quick hands are hard to teach, but Long certainly has them. He made save after save in impressive fashion and knew where the outlet was every time. The Baltimore Crabs product may be one of the top uncommitted goalies in the 2019 class and for good reason. Long’s discipline in the cage is a strong point, as he holds his position and makes crisp movements without sacrificing his stance. In a system, Long is able to organize and communicate and communicate with his defense during play without a hitch. With a few more inches to grow, watch out for this kid going forward.

Matthew Gunty ’19, F/O, St. Albans (D.C.)
The man to beat off the whistle was Gunty, who handled everyone who lined up across him. He has quick hands and a smooth clamp that allows him to pull the ball to space and away from pressure. The young FOGO isn’t afraid to take it to the cage either because as soon as he sees the field open up on a break, he’s letting a shot go on the run. He cashed in on that opportunity and netted for himself on Wednesday night. Possessing grades in the Ivy League range, he could be a real game-changer for the school that secures his commitment.

Andy Andrews ’19, M, Gilman (Md.)
Built well at this early stage, Andrews put up legit numbers for a freshman on the Greyhounds’ midfield and will look to carry that momentum into the summer. This week, he showcased well as a strong downhill dodger with a powerful shot both stationary and with his feet moving. He got into the hole on defense and made heady plays that impressed Division I recruiters on the sidelines.

Cole Herbert ’20, M, Calvert Hall (Md.)
Another Calvert Hall product, Herbert possesses a confidence and poise with both hands that clearly separates him from other players. A recruit with great size, speed and quickness, he plays a physical brand of lacrosse, pushing opponents around with ease. His ability to create separation on offense opens up the field for shooting and passing lanes, leaving the defense struggling to catch up. Herbert is a horse ready to run, looking like a kid that ACC and Big 10 coaches will pursue the next few months.

Liam Powderly ’19, A, McDonogh (Md.)
The crafty initiator really showed up in his final game of Day 1, notching three goals including some slick backhanded plays to catch defenders off guard. Powderly brings an exciting aggressiveness to his offensive unit, combining physical ability with lacrosse IQ to find teammates backside, win individual matchups or finish smoothly on the crease.

Frankie Hapney ’20, LSM/D, St. Paul’s (Md.)
From settled defense to the transition game, Hapney made himself a presence on the field. Flying around with a sense of controlled chaos, his impressive groundball play put him in position to let loose a cannon of a shot that found the back of the net. This young defender plays transition like a shortstick with the stick work to separate himself from pressure.

Alex Breschi ’19, M, Loyola Blakefield (Md.)
Another stud at the midfield, the UNC commit uses his size to blow past defensemen, allowing him to unleash blistering shots on the run with either hand. Breschi pounded in two goals in one game on Wednesday evening to go along with a handful of assists. Part of a nice contingent from the FCA Maryland squad, he has the physical ability and mental attitude to be an offensive stalwart.

William Godine ’19, M, Gilman (Md.)
A physical middle who plays the game with a hard-nosed style, Godine tends to bully opponents off of ground balls, also showing off his athleticism in between the boxes. He was able to win back multiple possessions for his team off of caused turnovers and chalked up two goals of his own. His skill set is ‘plug and play’ for any offense and he’s able to consistently win his matchup with size and speed.

Alexander Wicks ’20, M, St. Mary’s (Md.)
Colin Phipps ’19, A, Southern (Md.)
Xander Martin ’19, D, Gilman (Md.)
Jackson Marshall ’19, G, Calvert Hall (Md.)
Bryson Shaw ’19, M, Mt. St. Joe (Md.) – MARYLAND
Ham McPartland ’20, F/O, Calvert Hall (Md.)
Zack Kinsella ’19, M, Severn (Md.)
Porter Lewis ’20, A, Tuckahoe (Va.)
Russell Melendez ’20, A, Spalding (Md.)

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