Recruiting Rundown Prep Top 10 Powered By National 175: Final Edition

The final edition of the Recruiting Rundown / National 175 Prep Top 10 rankings reflects the amount of parity from PG teams throughout the last few months. Though it’s been clear that Hill Academy and Deerfield make up the top two, shuffling has taken place all over and the battle for the final few spots in Top 10.

With three wins over teams ranked in the most recent StringKing / RR National Top 25, Hill Academy finishes the season undefeated for the first time since the program began playing a full schedule. Western Massachusetts prep powerhouse Deerfield Academy won the New England West I title and checks in at No. 2, while Taft (Conn.) won the Founders League with a key season-ending win over No. 6 Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) to clinch it earlier in the week.

Scroll below for the rest of the rankings and check back in the first two weeks of June for the All-PG team, which will also be powered by National 175. For nominations, send stats, links and any video to

Prep Top 10 – May 19
Prep Top 10 – May 12
Prep Top 10 – May 5

1. Hill Academy (Ont.), 11-0
Best Wins: Boys’ Latin (Md.) 14-8, St. Paul’s (Md.) 12-7, Bullis (Md.) 13-9, IMG Academy (Fla.) 18-8, Culver (Ind.) 12-4
Losses: None

2. Deerfield (Mass.), 15-1
Best Wins: Brunswick (Conn.) 13-10, Westminster (Conn.) 10-6, Taft (Conn.) 14-7, Lawrenceville (N.J.) 15-11, Salisbury (Conn.) 11-4
Losses: Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) 12-11 in OT

3. Taft (Conn.), 15-3
Best Wins: Lawrenceville (N.J.) 13-4, Westminster (Conn.) 12-6, Salisbury (Conn.) 13-12 in OT, Avon Old Farms (Conn.) 8-7 in OT, Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) 14-11
Losses: Brunswick (Conn.) 9-8 in OT, Deerfield (Mass.) 14-7, Choate (Conn.) 10-8

4. Salisbury (Conn.), 11-4
Best Wins: Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) 14-6, Westminster (Conn.) 8-6, Brunswick (Conn.) 8-6, Avon Old Farms (Conn.) 11-8, Choate (Conn.) 9-7
Losses: Berkshire (Mass.) 10-8, Haverford (Pa.) 9-5, Taft (Conn.) 13-12 in OT, Deerfield (Mass.) 12-8

5. IMG Academy (Fla.), 12-1
Best Wins: Westfield (N.J.) 9-5, Bergen Catholic (N.J.) 14-11, Lawrenceville (N.J.) 17-16 in OT, St. Augustine Prep (N.J.) 12-11, Seton Hall Prep (N.J.) 19-6
Losses: Hill Academy (Ont.) 18-8

6. Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.), 12-4
Best Wins: Loomis Chaffee (Conn.) 10-5, Deerfield (Mass.) 12-11 in OT, Westminster (Conn.) 15-2, Avon Old Farms (Conn.) 11-5, Choate (Conn.) 15-6
Losses: Salisbury (Conn.) 14-6, Berkshire (Mass.) 11-8, Brunswick (Conn.) 11-5, Taft (Conn.) 14-11

7. Westminster (Conn.), 8-5
Best Wins: Choate (Conn.) 11-10, Avon Old Farms (Conn.) 5-4, Millbrook (N.Y.) 8-4, Loomis Chaffee (Conn.) 8-6, Berkshire (Mass.) 11-10 in 2OT
Losses: Deerfield (Mass.) 10-6, Taft (Conn.) 12-6, Salisbury (Conn.) 8-6, Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) 15-2, Brunswick (Conn.) 11-2

8. Lawrenceville (N.J.), 14-10
Best Wins: San Ramon Valley (Calif.) 13-5, Princeton Day (N.J.) 5-4, St. Augustine Prep (N.J.) 10-9, Hun (N.J.) 13-6, Hun (N.J.) 12-10
Losses: Choate (Conn.) 12-10, Taft (Conn.) 13-4, Hun (N.J.) 12-8, IMG Academy (Fla.) 17-16 in OT, Bergen Catholic (N.J.) 10-7, Brunswick (Conn.) 14-7, Landon (Md.) 11-6, Deerfield (Mass.) 15-11, Moorestown (N.J.) 14-9, Culver (Ind.) 14-3

9. New Hampton (N.H.), 15-0
Best Wins: Brewster Academy (N.H.) 12-7, Phillips Exeter (N.H.) 6-5 in OT, Proctor Academy (N.H.) 18-3, Pingree (Mass.) 16-4, Holderness (N.H.) 13-7
Losses: None

10. Hun (N.J.), 11-7
Best Wins: Georgetown Prep (Md.) 14-8, Don Bosco Prep (N.J.) 18-8, Lawrenceville (N.J.) 12-8, Academy of the New Church (Pa.) 12-8, St. Augustine Prep (N.J.) 11-6
Losses: Princeton Day (N.J.) 10-6, Malvern Prep (Pa.) 15-6, Bergen Catholic (N.J.) 11-10, Brunswick (Conn.) 7-6, Hill Academy (Ont.) 15-6, Lawrenceville (N.J.) 13-6, Lawrenceville (N.J.) 12-10

Also considered: Avon Old Farms (Conn.), Berkshire (Mass.), Choate (Conn.), Loomis Chaffee (Conn.)

More on National 175
Based in Connecticut, the company runs a series of recruiting events, both team tournaments and individual showcases. National 175 Summer Showcase, their flagship event, takes place at RPI (just outside of Albany, N.Y.) from July 25th to the 27th. A prime opportunity to get seen by dozens of college coaches, the event is open to players in the classes to 2017 to 2020. For more on the event, check out the website as well as a direct link to registration.

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