Western Standouts From Adrenaline High Rollers In San Diego

12241554_10154384446938135_4552825725217363692_nThe 11th annual Adrenaline High Rollers event continued on as one of the company’s best events, bringing together the best 300 players in the West in front of over 50 recruiters in the idyllic settings of the Del Mar Polo Fields in sunny San Diego. Players were able to get seen in a very intimate environment and all teams were coached by collegiate coaches. The event also included two clinic periods where college coaches ran the players through positional drills and a college-level tram practice. In addition, Greg Gurenlian and the Face-Off Academy held a F/O contest.

Recruiting Rundown picked the brains of several college coaches at the event for a staff report of the players that impressed over two days.

Shayne Grant ’18, M, Torrey Pines (Calif.) – One of the most coveted undecided middies out there currently, Grant has been a monster this fall. A hard-dodging and physical player, Grant uses his frame to get to good spots on the field and has a cannon for a shot on the run.

Quentin Buchman ’18, M, Santa Margarita Catholic (Calif.) – The Bryant commit was virtually unstoppable all wekeend. Arguably the best overall player at the event, Buchman showed an array of skill sets over the two days. Plays club with 212 Select.

Isaiah Dawson ’18, M, Bishop’s School (Calif.) – This Ivy League-bound athlete was ranked as the No. 3 sophomore by Recruiting Rundown. Athletic, smart and competitive, Dawson made plays in between the lines and with his Kyle Harrison-like right to left split dodge all weekend.

Paul Rodrigues ’18, A, Harvard-Westlake (Calif.) – Rodrigues combines great lacrosse acumen with precision shooting. He was able to score both off the dodge creating for himself and finishing everything thrown his way.

Drew Erickson ’18, A, San Ramon Valley (Calif.) – The Denver commit is versatile, crafty and tough. He can run out of the midfield as well. Plays club for 3d NorCal and put up 45 goals as a freshman.

Ryan Ramirez ’18, M, Torrey Pines (Calif.) – Ramirez really did himself some favors this weekend, leading the entire event in scoring from the midfield and making plays on both sides of the field.

JJ Barry ’18, G, Palos Verdes (Calif.) – Barry is a known commodity, finishing up a strong fall to solidify himself as one of the better 2018 goalies in the West. He was stellar, posting more than 15 saves in two consecutive games and a strong showing in the All-Star Game.

Justin Cheng ’18, LSM, Beckman (Calif.) – Though a bit undersized at LSM, Cheng is as tough as they come. This weekend he pestered ball carriers and continually played perfect fundamental defense.

Brandon Paige ’18, M, Palo Verde (Nev.) – Paige was steady all weekend and then really blew up with a hat trick in the All-Star Game. In addition, he had several strong rides and invisible plays that helped his team score goals.

Mo ’17 and Oliver ’19 Mirer, M, Cathedral Catholic (Calif.) – The Mirer brothers, sons of former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback Rick Mirer, were athletically superior. Making plays in transition, vacuuming up groundballs, turning defense into offense and hammering the ball 6-on-6, these two left a lasting impression. Set to do a postgrad year after finishing up high school in two years, Mo will play at Notre Dame.

Porter Hollen ’19, M, Torrey Pines (Calif.)
Josh Fox ’18, A, Foothill-Santa Ana (Calif.)
Ellis Geis ’18, A, Foothill-Santa Ana (Calif.) – Denver
Topher Bligh ’19, M, St. Ignatius Prep (Calif.)
Eli Levine ’18, F/O, Park City (Ut.)
Chris Belcher ’17, LSM, Alta (Ut.)
Spencer Grant ’18, F/O, Torrey Pines (Calif.) – Michigan
Will Favreau ’17, M, Corona Del Mar (Calif.)
Aldrich Cheng ’17, M, Coronado (Nev.)
Rizal Smith ’16, A/M, Palos Verdes (Calif.)
Jerrin Cutler ’17, A/M, Fremont (Ut.)
Joe Theuer ’17, G, Loyola Los Angeles (Calif.)
Adam Julius ’18, A, Oak Park (Calif.)


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