The Rundown: 2019’s to Maryland, Michigan; 2018’s to Denver, Ohio State, Brown, High Point, Army & More

V__6699The fall recruiting circuit has historically been a busy time for students to visit campuses, strengthen relationships with coaches and ultimately make a final decision. With that said, the commitment rate has been as high as expected, as players in the class of 2016 through 2019 narrow things down. In this week’s Rundown, commitments to 20 different Division I schools are recognized, including 2015 NCAA Tournament participants High Point, Denver, Maryland, Brown and Ohio State.

In case you haven’t already, catch up on all of Recruiting Rundown’s recent coverage of the fall circuit. Since November 1st, we’ve covered the NLF Fall Frosh Showcase, Quaker Fest, 2017/2018 Champions League, 2019 Champions League and Terrapin Classic. View the rest of our November coverage schedule here.

The submit commit forms were redone and are the easiest way to have verbals posted here on Recruiting Rundown. Here they are for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Updated commitment lists –
Class of 2019 
Class of 2018 
Class of 2017 
Class of 2016 


Conor Calderone, F/O, Smithtown West (N.Y.) / Laxachusetts has committed to Maryland. Recently relocating from Massachusetts to Long Island, he attended Platinum Cup, Legacy and Big 4 Champions League with an All-Star Game appearance at NLF Futures Showcase. Calderon visited Syracuse, UNC, Penn State and Michigan.

Ryan Schriber, D, Wilton (Conn.) / Express North has committed to Michigan. As a rising freshman, Schriber attended Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip, Big 4 Champion’s League, MD Young Guns, Platinum Cup and Philly Invitational. He also considered other Big 10 schools before deciding on the Wolverines.

Jake Bonomi, A/M, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) / LI Express has committed to Michigan. In addition to events with Mike Chanenchuk’s Long Island Express, he also attended Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip individually, also having plans to hit Philly Showcase next weekend. The 5’10, 145-pound recruit plays football in the fall. He also visited Notre Dame and Virginia.


Jack Ortolano, A, North Gwinnett (Ga.) / LB3 has committed to Providence. Named an All-Star at the Philly Freshman Showcase and two sessions at IL Invitational, he also made summer stops at Nike Blue Chip, NXT Summer Invitational, Crabfeast and Lake Placid. The 5’9, 155-pound recruit visited Princeton, Cornell, Hofstra and Cleveland State before picking the Friars.

Drew Erickson, A, San Ramon Valley (Calif.) / 3d NorCal has committed to Denver. Standing 5’11 and 160 pounds, the lefty registered 45 goals and 11 assists as a freshman starter for Pete Worstell. During the summer, he attended Denver Shootout, Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip, U-15 National Championships, 3d National Team Camp and Princeton Lacrosse Camp, making the All-Star Game at King of the Hill and FLG in 3d. He also considered Ivy League schools.

Drake Schaffner, D, Gonzaga (D.C.) / FCA Maryland has committed to the admissions process at Dartmouth. Named to August’s Class of 2018 Watchlist, the 6’3, 195-pound sophomore played club for Blackwolf this summer. He made the All-Star Game at Maverick Showtime and also attended SweetLax Invitational, Adrenaline Summer Invitational, Black Card and the Under Armour Uncommitted Game. Also plays football and wrestling.

Jack Dennehy, A, Harrison (Ga.) / LB3 has committed to Army. Named the MVP of the IL Invitational All-Star Game, he also recently attended the Philly Invitational, Legacy Super 8 and Adrenaline Invitational. The 5’9, 140-pound recruit also plays basketball and golf, starting on the varsity lacrosse team as a freshman to put up 59 points. He visited Georgetown, Penn, Navy and Mercer.

Zach Diamond, M, Manheim Township (Pa.) / Duke’s LC has committed to High Point. The 5’11, 175-pound athlete also plays football and has attended or will attend Quaker Fest, Terrapin Classic, Big 12 Invitational and Lax Evolution Invitational this month. In the summer, he hit Best of the Best, Terps Young Guns, Liberty Bell Challenge and Baltimore Summer Kickoff, where he was an All-Star. Diamond also visited Rutgers, Robert Morris and Hofstra.

Nate Hammond, F/O, Avon Grove (Pa.) has committed to Navy. Playing club with Freedom and Mesa Fresh, he was an All-Star at Bison Brawl, also attending FLG in 3d and Crabfeast. In the spring, the 5’9, 160-pound face-off man was 2nd team Freshman All-State. Hammond also visited Fairfield, Boston U. and Bucknell.

Ellis Geis, A, Foothill-Santa Ana (Calif.) / West Coast Starz has committed to Denver. Also playing club for SoCal Express and FCA Maryland, Geis attended the DU Team Tournament and U-15 Championships last summer. The 6’4, 200-pound sophomore put up 31 goals and 12 assists as a freshman. He also visited Princeton.

Liam Limoges, A, Richview (Ont.) / Edge has committed to Vermont. Limoges was an All-Star at the All-Canada Games in July and attended the Towson Autumn Gold Classic and Big 4 Champions League this fall. He also visited Marquette before committing to the Catamounts.

Reed Moshyedi, M, Churchill (Md.) / Baltimore Crabs has committed to the admissions process at Brown. As a freshman, Moshyedi tallied 37 goals and 16 assists for the state runners up. In the summer with the Crabs, he attended MD Young Guns, Crabfeast and the Adrenaline Platinum Cup. The 6’4, 190-pound sophomore also plays varsity basketball. He visited Denver, Towson, Loyola and Rutgers before deciding on the Bears.

Cam Bowdy, A, Dublin Coffman (Oh.) / Haymakers has committed Ohio State. The 5’9, 150-pound sophomore also plays football as a wide receiver and defensive pack, with plans to also attend the Philly Showcase. This past summer, he was an All-Star at OSU Team Camp and MVP Towson. His highlights can be seen here.

Quentin Buchman, M, Santa Margarita Catholic (Calif.) has committed to Bryant. Playing club for 212 Select and SoCal Express, he also attended the Eye of the Tiger Showcase and Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip. Buchman visited Air Force before coming to his final decision.

Logan Liljeberg, A/M, La Salle Academy (R.I.) / Warrior Elite has committed to Sacred Heart. The 5’6, 140-pound athlete attended the LI LaxFest, Legacy, Philly Showcase, Bitter Lax Fest, Villanova 150 and Sacred Heart Prospect Camp. Invited to the Rhode Island All-Star Game, he also made the Brine National team. Liljeberg visited Villanova and Marist before committing. View his highlight reel here.


Oscar Cranz, LSM/D, Charlotte Country Day (Mich.) / Trilogy has committed to St. John’s. This past summer, he was named an All-Star at MVP Towson and the Lehigh Valley Showcase, also attending Nike Blue Chip, Trilogy ICE, Crab City Challenge and Under Armour Shootout. In football, Cranz is an outside linebacker. He also visited Providence and Army.

Evan McGreen, M, La Salle (R.I.) / RI Bulldogs has committed to Providence. McGreen was an All-Star at the Brine National Classic the last two seasons and also visited Villanova for their prospect day. Plays varsity hockey.

Zenzo Beresford, D, Lincoln (Ore.) / 3d Oregon has committed to Detroit. Playing for both 3d Oregon and 3d Pacific, Beresford attended FLG in 3d, Denver Shootout and Riptide at Oceanside, where he was an All-Star. The 5’8, 165-pound junior also visited Stevenson.

Kaleb Boyl, LSM/D, Carmel (Ind.) / Titanium has committed to Hobart. Named 2nd team All-State as a sophomore, Boyl was an All-Star at Notre Dame Team Camp and also attended Maverik Showtime, IL Invitational, NLI and SweetLax Invitational. The 6’2, 185-pound prospect also play hockey and visited Detroit, Monmouth and Cleveland State before deciding on the Statesmen.

Brice Shotwell, LSM, Brighton (Mich.) / True has committed to Wagner. This summer, he was an All-Star at the IL Invitational, also attended Legacy, NSCLA and Hotbeds. He also visited Providence, Detroit, Manhattan and Cleveland State.

Rob Zieglet, D, Sayville (N.Y.) / Team 91 has committed to St. John’s. This past summer, Zieglet attended Nike Blue Chip, Platinum Cup, Crabfeast and LI LaxFest, where he was an All-Star. He also visited Rutgers, Fairfield and Villanova.

Sean Cunningham, A/M, Chaminade (N.Y.) / LI Tide has committed to St. Joseph’s. Cunningham was named an All-Star at Battle of the Hotbeds back in July. He also visited Sacred Heart before verballing to Taylor Wray’s program.

Carlos Forde, A/M, Minisink Valley (N.Y.) / Team 91 Tristate has committed to Monmouth. Named an All-Star at MVP Delaware, Blue Chip 225, Island Uprising and Tampa Elite, Forde racked up 48 goals, 19 assists and a 70% face-off mark during the spring season. The 6-foot, 185-pound junior also visited Stony Brook, St. John’s and Manhattan.

Tyler Green, M/FO, Holderness (N.H.) / 3d New England has committed to St. Joseph’s. The 5’10, 160-pound junior was an All-Star at Denver Shootout, also attending FLG in 3d, SweetLax Invitational and Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip. Playing varsity hockey in the winter, he’ll attend the Crimson Fall Classic this month with 3d. Green also visited Siena and Fairfield.

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