Slated For December 12-13, The Face Off Academy Announces Rosters Of 200 FOAthletes For The 2015 National Showcase

IMG_1213The Face Off Academy, consisting of four of the MLL’s most established draw men and F/O coaches, has announced the roster for December’s FOA National Showcase. This year, the event sold out completely in just one week, full of 200 athletes from 30 states and a lengthy waiting list. In addition, the staff will include several FOA coaches from multiple levels plus an impressive list of NCAA coaches from all over the East Coast. The company’s leaders (Greg Gurenlian, Jerry Ragonese, Chris Mattes and Brendan Fowler) have been traveling the country tirelessly to work with hundreds of face-off athletes and are pleased to announce the army of 200 that will compete for national titles at The Super Dome in Waldwick, NJ on December 12th and 13th, 2015.

Statement from Greg Gurenlian, Face-Off Academy co-founder and 2015 MLL MVP and World Champion:

“In 2013, the FOA ran our first ever national showcase. The idea was to finally bring together the best FOAthletes in the country to train together and compete against one another under one roof. Our goal was to make sure that this event is the pinnacle for FaceOff men all over the world with the most intense training on Saturday followed by the most professionally run head-to-head championship the following day on Sunday. We hired college coaches to come help us evaluate and rank the talent along with speakers and demonstrators at the top of the sport. That first year we had 77 athletes attend and it was incredibly successful. The 2014 Showcase was hosted at a larger complex at NJ and hosted 150 athletes with absolute rave reviews from athletes, parents and coaches, recapped by Ty Xanders here. This year’s event is a combination of FOAthletes that are both uncommitted and uncommitted ranging from the 2021 class through 2016.

Our reputation at the FOA speaks for itself with our athletes learning the top techniques while being trained by current Major League Lacrosse players who are all full-time coaches. We put our hearts into our coaching and spend every day discussing how we can better serve our athletes and their families. This roster is the cream of the crop, featuring some of the greatest FO talent int he country, both discovered and yet to be discovered. We will have another top notch coaching staff and we couldn’t possibly be more excited. Feel free to check out our website to see more details about the upcoming event. Many more details will be coming out in the coming months. Without further ado….”

Class of 2016
Trey Arnold, GA – Robert Morris
Jackson Artis, NJ – Uncommitted
CJ Ayesh, NJ – Uncommitted
Lucas Battilana, FL – Uncommitted
Alex Bean, MO – Georgetown
Jalen Bell, SC – Uncommitted 
Weston Bishop, NY – Uncommitted
Justin Burnette, MD – Stevenson
Jack Cash, NJ – Providence
Ralph Chrappa, NY – Uncommitted
Jack Dobrzynski, RI – Catholic
Ian Foster, MI – Uncommitted 
Michael Fricke, CO – Bentley
Alex Giovinco, NY – Maryland
Jared Hershman, NY – Marquette
Garrett Hess, NC – Uncommitted
Caleb Hippensteel, FL – Uncommitted
Brennon Hipsher, FL – Uncommitted
Javon Jackson, NY – Uncommitted
Matthew Kim, ONT – Quinnipiac
Jimmeh Koita, NY – Uncommitted
Tiger Lord, TX – Furman
Jack McNallen, NH – Towson
Connor Murphy, CT – Uncommitted
Luke Parker, TX – Uncommitted
Christian Pongracz, NJ – Manhattanville
Raphael Russo, NY – Uncommitted
Davis Sampere, NC – Salisbury
Peyton Smith, NC – Marist 
Jimmy Spillane, NJ – RIT
Blake Turner, FL – Uncommitted
Cameron Vasfailo, NJ – Uncommitted
Ethan Wallach, MD – Westminster

Class of 2017
Hudson Bearden, TX – Uncommitted
Alex Borg, NJ – Providence
Ryan Burkart, NJ – Uncommitted
Jacob Chang, IL – Uncommitted
Joey Chestnutt, NC – Uncommitted
Jacob Cieszynski, WI – Uncommitted
Jake Cimerberg, FL – Uncommitted
Dylan Colter, GA – Uncommitted
Jack Cook, NJ – Uncommitted
Chris Costello, CT – Uncommitted
Davis Cronin, MA – Binghamton
Nick DeOliveira, NJ – Uncommitted
Dominic Diaz, MO – Uncommitted
Collier Echols, NC – Uncommitted
Christopher Francesco, NJ – Uncommitted
Ian Gobron, MA – Uncommitted
Lewis Grama, NY – Uncommitted
Kyle Helfrich, MA – Uncommitted 
Justin Inacio, ONT – Ohio State
Derek Isaac, MD – Uncommitted 
Huck Keenan, TX – Uncommitted
Andrew Kim, IL – Uncommitted
Nik Kubik, IL – Uncommitted
Kyle Prouty, NJ – Princeton
Andy Malaver, GA – Uncommitted 
Louis Martorella, NY – Uncommitted
Kyle Massimilian, TX – Uncommitted
Jack Mattei, IN – Uncommitted
Kyle Matthews, NJ – Uncommitted
Nick Pacheco, CO – Uncommitted
Dylan Pelago, NJ – Uncommitted
Tal Ponder, FL – Uncommitted 
Julio Ramirez, WA – Uncommitted
Sage Rieth, TN – Furman 
Forest Rosser, PA – Uncommitted
Cory Sachs, CT – Uncommitted
Jon-Jon Sarubbi, NY – Uncommitted
Shiloh Shassian, FL – Uncommitted
Jack Silvernale, VA – Uncommitted
Noah Steiner, NC – Uncommitted
Bobby Stewart, NJ – Uncommitted
Patrick Sullivan, NY – Uncommitted
Michael Swingler, CT – Uncommitted
Tyler Thompson, NC – Uncommitted
Jack-Henry Vara, MA – Holy Cross
David Walker, NJ – Uncommitted 
Jordan Williams, FL – Uncommitted
Chris Woodings, PA – Uncommitted
Jonathan Yim, GA – Uncommitted

Class of 2018
P.J. Argiros, NY – Uncommitted
Anthony Ameo, OH – Uncomitted
David Arcesi, CT – Uncommitted
Clay Baker, NC – Uncommitted
Judson Bedell, MN – Uncommitted
Anthony Bernandine, PA – Uncommitted
Chris Bishop, VA – Uncommitted
Brett Boos, CO – Uncommitted
Matt Carr, IL – Uncommitted
Peter Chabot, NY – Uncommitted
Austin Deskewicz, NY – Uncommitted
Nathan Drickamer, TX – Uncommitted
Spencer Flinton, MA – Uncommitted
Jacob Freedlander, PA – Uncommitted
Jordan Ginder, NY – Duke
Juan Gonzalez, FL – Uncommitted
Spencer Grant, CA – Uncommitted
Jackson Harvey, CO – Uncommitted
Alex Hrisanthopoulos, CA – Uncommitted
Nick Jones, GA – Uncommitted
Will Kirshner, NY – Uncommitted
Kai Liska, SC – Uncommitted
Kevin Lyskawa, NH – Uncommitted
Bobby Mieczkowski, PA – Uncommitted
Christian Park, VA – Uncommitted
Dustin Parker, NJ – Uncommitted
James Parry, NJ – Uncommitted
Nicholas Ramsey, NJ – Uncommitted
Mitchell Rothstein, NJ – Uncommitted
Nicholas Rowlett, VA – Uncommitted
Scott Simpson, PA – Uncommitted
Kyle Sudol, CO – Uncommitted
Luke Talago, PA – Uncommitted
James Turco, NY – Uncommitted
Hunter Turner, FL – Uncommitted
Zak VanValkenburgh, NY – Uncommitted
Evan Vogel, FL – Uncommitted
Tim Yesalavage, NC – Uncommitted
Jamie Zusi, NJ – Uncommitted

Matthew Angelo, NJ – Uncommitted
Jaydon Arnold, CO – Uncommitted
Ethan Barnard, MA – Uncommitted
Josh Bell, GA – Uncommitted
Gavin Bergeron, MA – Uncommitted
Will Bou, MD – Uncommitted
Conor Calderone, MA – Uncommitted
Joey Corbett, NY – Uncommitted
Jack Dowd, FL – Uncommitted
Patrick Fowler, PA – Uncommitted
Nicholas Gorman, NC – Uncommitted
Matthew Gunty, MD – Uncommitted
Nicolas Gutierrez – Uncommitted
Chris Handy, MO – Uncommitted
John Heldman, TX – Uncommitted
Collin Hoben, NC – Uncommitted
John Heldman, TX – Uncommitted
Collin Hoben, NC – Uncommitted
James Hogan, NJ – Uncommitted
Kellen Hoke, WA – Uncommitted
Cameron Hollander, NJ – Uncommitted
Steven Jackson, MA – Uncommitted
Luke Leffingwell, TX – Uncommitted
John Ludenia, NC – Uncommitted
Quin Madden, NY – Uncommitted
Ryan McCann, VA – Uncommitted
Conor McCormick, NY – Uncommitted
Gavin McGill, PA – Uncommitted
John McKee, VA – Uncommitted
Alex Mozingo, TN – Uncommitted
Eric Pacheco, CO – Uncommitted
Matthew Pancoast, NC – Uncommitted
Angelo Petrakis, NY – Uncommitted
Reece Reynolds, TX – Uncommitted
Ian Rivera, VA – Uncommitted
Logan Sandal, GA – Uncommitted
Tyler Sandoval, NY – Uncommitted
Shane Santora, NY – Uncommitted
Gavin Tygh, PA – Virginia
Brian Wilmans, VA – Uncommitted
Gunnar Wilson, SC – Uncommitted

Class of 2020
Dylan Auerbach, NJ
Jake Auerbach, NJ
James Ball, NY
Sam Bedich, IN
Lucas Brennwald, UT
Rowan Cabahug-Almonte, PA
Christopher Camprini, GA
Koby Ginder, NY
Zan Gunter, OH
Ryan Hamburger, NJ
Zachary Jackson, MA
Luke Mercer, NY
Drew Perun, NC
Jack Savage, OR
Jacob Shaifer, PA
Drew Snyder, FL
Ben Sturgell, MD
Walker Sussek, NY
Logan Tucker, NY
Nicholas Tussing, MD
Tyler Wright, PA
Matt Martin, VA
Lucas Kopecky, NJ

Class of 2021
Lake Baker, NV
Cooper Barkate, CA
Christopher Cappelmann, NY
Jonathan Dean, CO
Luke Engelke, NJ
Vincent Fowler, NY
Fitz Frechette, MA
Christian Gallaher, NY
Anthony Ghobriel, TX
Carter Johnson, WA
Jake McCarthy, PA
Griffin Shaffer, TX
Hugo Spencer, NJ
Jared Topf, NJ
Justin Turley, PA

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