Committed Combine Wraps Up Year One With A Game Between DC’s Top Players

The inaugural year of Scott Pugh’s Committed Combine was a massive success, gathering the lion’s share of the top players in the D.C. metropolitan area and culminating in a game at Good Counsel HS on Friday evening. Booker Corrigan and I were on hand to take in the action, watching college and high school players mix it up after three days of extensive work with a great group of coaches. View below for the rest of the game in its entirety as well as the rosters from Friday’s game.

UMBC coach Andy Gallagher, Bayhawks’ Pat Harbeson, Launch’s Pat Frazier and the Hounds’ Jack Runkel ran the attack, midfield, defense and goalie positions, respectively. Additional players from Denver, UVA, Princeton, Lehigh and Maryland also participated in the event. Scott Pugh had this to say about the first year of his Committed Combine:

When you have talented kids that are hungry to get better, and passionate coaches that are great teachers, an event like this can be pretty fun. I’d like to thank the parents for taking a leap of faith signing their kids up & trusting my staff to push them pretty hard. We had nothing but great feedback, and definitely plan on building on this foundation next year. Like it or not, early recruiting isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Helping these young men develop & pushing them against other top caliber players is the best way to take advantage of the early recruiting phenomenon. I have pulled together some of the top resources in the region to realize this vision helping the upper echelon improve. It was refreshing to concentrate solely on the skills and techniques that are going to make these players better prepared for the next level and not to have to worry about getting college coaches out to recruit.”


1 – Dan Ross, A, Linganore ’16 (Md.) — Army

3 – Austin McDonald, A, Georgetown — Georgetown Prep ’15 (Md.)

4 – Alex Trippi, A, Bullis ’17 (Md.) — North Carolina

5 – Charlie Horning, A, Fairfield — Georgetown Prep ’15 (Md.)

6 – Ryan Lamb, M, Virginia — Paul VI ’15 (Va.)

8 – Brian Townsend, M, Gonzaga ’17 (D.C.) — Michigan

9 – James Gilbert, M, Potomac ’16 (Va.) — Tufts

10 – Danny Isaac, M, River Hill ’16 (Md.) — UMBC

11 – Greyson Ergenbright, M, Paul VI ’18 (Va.) — Dartmouth

13 – Sam Lynch, M, Johns Hopkins — Landon ’14 (Md.)

14 – Leo Hanrahan, D, Sherwood (Md.) — Maryland

16 – John Horning, D, Georgetown Prep ’17 (Md.) — Fairfield

17 – Jack Rowlett, D, North Carolina — Robinson ’15 (Va.)

18 – Garrett Hasken, D, UMBC — DeMatha ’13 (Md.)

19 – Nick Gorman, D, Towson — Good Counsel ’11 (Md.)

44 – BJ Borowski, G, Glenelg Country ’17 (Md.) — Uncommitted

45 – Kyle Brickerd, A, Broad Run ’17 (Va.) — Maryland

60 – Casey DuBois, G, Mt. Hebron ’17 (Md.) — Uncommitted


2 – Gerald Flood, A, Hobart — St. John’s ’15 (D.C.)

3 – Jake Christensen, A, Colgate — Quince Orchard ’15 (Md.)

5 – Mitchell Howell, A, UMBC — DeMatha ’15 (Md.)

6 – Jack Forrest, M, Dartmouth — Bullis ’15 (Md.)

7 – Austin Stewart, M, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes ’18 (Va.) — Denver

8 – Alex Morris, M, Ohio State — McLean ’15 (Va.)

10 – Sam Offutt, M, Gonzaga ’15 (D.C.) — Virginia

11 – Luke Vassos, M, Marquette — Gonzaga ’15 (D.C.)

12 – Isaiah Davis-Allen, M, Maryland — St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes ’13 (Va.)

13 – Drew McLaughlin, M, Tufts — Georgetown Prep ’14 (Md.)

15 – Henry Chastain, D, Gonzaga ’16 (D.C.) — Maryland

16 – Ryan Finlay, D, Gonzaga ’15 (D.C.) — Brown

17 – John Railey, D, Georgetown Prep ’16 (Md.) — Loyola

18 – Matt Billings, D, Denver – Georgetown Prep ’14 (Md.)

19 – Zach Lee, D, Bullis ’17 (Md.) — Uncommitted

20 – John Van Sickle, G, Mira Costa ’16 (Calif.) — Drexel

23 – Luke Poulos, M, Army – Good Counsel ’11 (Md.)

24 – Shane Corcoran, G, Landon ’17 (Md.) — Navy

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