10 Who Impressed At The Terps Young Guns Shootout

Product_YoungGuns_Jul17-19_20b872f2-a639-4031-ab1d-d7af2b18ad51_largeFrom Friday to Sunday, the University of Maryland hosted a multitude of the nation’s more prestigious club teams on their campus in College Park (Md.), many competing in their last tournament of the summer.

In the 2019 division, Madlax emerged victorious by topping LI Express North in the championship, while the Crabs took the 2018 group with a win over SweetLax.

Freelancer Will Kiley attended the action on Sunday, taking in the championship games as well. Here are the 10 players that impressed.

Griffin Aslanian ’19, LSM/D, Westfield (N.J.) / Tri-State Black

One of the more talked about recruits of the weekend, Aslanian definitely appears to be a future D1 player. Range, quickness and a great stick are the skills Aslanian put on display for a bevy of top coaches early in the day. Exceptional off the wing, he could easily pick up a loose ball and change the momentum of any game. Expect him to compete right away to be a key piece of a Westfield program that has turned into a defensive factory, with recent studs such as Christian Burgdorf (‘13 / Denver), Matt McIlroy (‘16 / Denver), Owen Colwell (‘16 / Hopkins) and Kyle Dombroski (‘17 / Denver).

Joey Burnham ‘18, D, La Salle (Pa.) / Duke’s LC

Burnham had a great semi-final against a loaded Sweetlax squad, and in my opinion was the best pole of the day. Not the biggest of players, but he plays like it. His excellent footwork and stick skills allowed him to go and press out hard on his man, throwing great takeaway checks that get the ball on the ground. Once the ball hits the turf, he doesn’t waste any time getting it up and pushing offense. Also has Ivy League caliber grades.

Noah Gels ’19, A, Ridgefield (Conn.) / LI Express North

Though not the biggest player by any means, Gels made big time plays for the Express. Using his size to his advantage, he was able to lose his man off-ball and slip under defenseman while dodging, combining quickness with a great stick and helped his team to a great weekend. Expect to hear about him more and more in the coming months as his recruitment begins to pick up steam.

Hunter Jaronski ’19, LSM/D, New Hope Solebury (Pa.) / Duke’s LC

Can’t say enough about his skills. For a rising freshman, he has a very complete game, able to do everything you would want out of a defenseman. He can defend up top and down low with no problem, scoop up groundballs, cause turnovers, clear and even face-off. This kid is good enough to go to a Top 10 program and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come off the board as a freshman.

John John Lombardi ’18, A/M, Salisbury (Conn.) / SweetLax – Michigan

Lombardi has been a known commodity in the lacrosse world since this site first reported his verbal to the Big Blue back in October. He showed off quite the versatility on Sunday, mostly playing attack for a Sweetlax squad that was without Ross Pridemore. The kid is a great lacrosse player and an even better athlete, as he was a two-way star on the gridiron for Irondequoit last fall. Has a great first step from X and from up top and combines that with great vision and a terrific shot. After two years as a starter for Irondequoit, Lombardi will head to northwestern Connecticut to suit up at Salisbury alongside SweetLax teammates Quinn Towne, Jacob Sampson and Teioshontathe McComber.

Timmy Marcille ’19, G, Gonzaga (D.C.) / Madlax Nationals

Marcille is another netminder who impressed me today. Right from the start of the game, he took control of the defense. He was very vocal understood the advanced slide packages that Madlax is known to employ. Made all the saves he had to for his team but also came up big with point blank saves and momentum changers, also throwing crisp clearing passes into tight spaces and hitting the best man at the right moments. Look for him to sit behind returning Gonzaga starter George Christopher (‘16 / Dartmouth) for a year before competing for the starting job in 2017.

Jack Myers ‘18, A, Gonzaga (D.C.) / Crabs

Coming off a great season where he helped Gonzaga to their sixth straight WCAC title, Myers has carried that momentum into the summer. He has great size and uses it to display his great skillset, commanding the Crabs offense in their semifinal game against Big 4. Don’t be surprised to see this kid come off the board in the next month, as he is just too good to stay uncommitted for much longer.

Dodson Piotrowski ‘19, LSM/D, South Lakes (Va.) / Madlax Nationals

Athletic, rangy and very field aware, Piotrowski was a presence all over the field from the first whistle. Easily took the ball away from his man so much that his matchup eventually figured out not to dodge and to pull him away from the play. Great stick and knowledge of his place on the field, often knocking down and picking off multiple passes and then turning them into transition for his middies.

Grayson Sallade ’18, M, Manheim Township (Pa.) / Big 4 – Virginia

By far the best player at the event, this was my first time watching Sallade play and he definitely lived up to all the hype that was created in the fall. Already possesses college ready shot and agility. Can shot with so much power and accuracy that he didn’t even waste time dodging, only making one quick move, getting his hands free and unleashing a cannon that made everyone notice him right away.

Colton Teitelbaum ’19, G, Locust Valley (N.Y.) / LI Express

Loud. That is the first word that comes to mind when watching Teitelbaum command his team. Barking out orders like a Marine Corps drill instructor, it was obvious his defense relied on him to tell them where to be, when to slide and how to play different players. In addition he made athletic saves, using his entire body to make saves and making athletic moves from pipe to pipe.

Honorable Mention
Ben Beldner ’18, D, Pittsford (N.Y.) / SweetLax
Logan Blondell ’18, D, Southern Lehigh (Pa.) / Duke’s LC
Kyle Borda ’18, M, Gonzaga (D.C.)
Kurt Bruun ’19, A, Gonzaga (D.C.) / Club Blue
Grant Dearden ’18, LSM, Paul VI (Va.) / VLC – Penn State
Teioshontathe McComber ’18, A, Salisbury (Conn.) / SweetLax – Albany
Jon McConvey ’18, M, St. Michael’s (Ont.) / Edge – Vermont
Pat McIlroy ’18, D, Westfield (N.J.) / Leading Edge – Denver
Bailey O’Connor ’19, M, Emmaus (Pa.) / Duke’s LC
Nick Rowlett ’18, F/O, Robinson (Va.) / VLC
Cade Saustad ’18, D, Highland Park (Tex.) / Texas Mustangs – UVA
Drake Schaffner ’18, M, Gonzaga (D.C.)
JQ Stramanak ’18, D, Annapolis (Md.) / Annapolis Hawks
Kevin Vandegrift ’18, M, Academy of the New Church (Pa.) / Big 4 – St. Joseph’s

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