10 Who Impressed At The Adrenaline Shootout & Showcase

I’ve been attending Adrenaline tournaments out West for the last few years. It’s been an important stop due to how much the game is growing in that part of the country, and it’s refreshing to return with a list of new players that may not get the exposure that hotbed recruits receive. On top of that, once the summer gets to a certain point, it feels as if I’m watching the same players over and over, so watching a mostly new crop is always nice.

With Thursday’s individual Showcase and the weekend’s tournament-style Shootout, the event once again took place in Colorado Springs just over an hour outside of Denver. Whether it was Division I, MCLA or Division III, colleges from all over the map stopped by to get a look at the top prospects that the West Coast has to offer. Among those spotted were Maryland, UNC, Georgetown, Navy, Loyola, Providence, Fairfield, Air Force, Delaware, Brown and several others.

Tommy Mott ’17, A, DoCo Devils / Highlands Ranch (Colo.)
This lefty is awesome, consistently finishing throughout the weekend and leading his squad to a title in the Elite division. He’s got really good hands and wrists, allowing him to fake out goalies on 1-on-1s or quickly get the ball out of his stick when shooting from mid-range. One play that stood out was a goal to beat the halftime buzzer with a beautiful face dodge in close. From what I’ve heard, his recruitment has really started to pick up recently.

Adam Julius ’18, A, LA Heat / Oak Park (Calif.)
Though I wasn’t able to watch Julius for long, it was easy to see that he has some strong qualities in his game. He’s not big (probably 5’6, 140 or so) but plays much bigger than he is, showing toughness when he trucked a kid much bigger than him on the ride and also sticking his nose in the dirt for groundballs. Getting topside with regularity, Julius scored the first two goals of the All-Star Game’s second half and added another.

Isaiah Dawson ’18, M, RC Elite / Bishop’s (Calif.)
I know, I wrote him up at last week’s Under Armour Underclass tournament, but his performance this past weekend has to be highlighted. I’m usually not one to like putting massive amounts of pressure on a kid but with Dawson, he has the potential to be one of the better midfielders to ever come out of the West. When he’s at the top of the box with the ball, Dawson makes it look effortless with his natural athleticism and field sense. He’s a nightmare to cover with a shorty and has a cannon of an overhand shot, which he often nailed into the top corner of the net.

Cameron James, LSM/D, Rhino / Wilsonville (Ore.)
Committing to Army back in February, James possesses an unmistakable motor as he roams the field sideline to sideline. His stick stayed all over his opponent’s hands and he threw some great takeaway checks in the two games that I watched, going on to become a major help in the clearing and transition game. Looking forward to seeing him compete in the Patriot League in a few years.

August Johnson ’18, M, Denver Elite / Cheyenne Mountain (Colo.)
Johnson, who had a big year with the Indians, showed off a blossoming skill set throughout the weekend. He certainly looked the part with a big frame and had the stick work, IQ and athleticism to go with it. In particular, Johnson’s split dodge was fantastic and he brought a lot of heat with his outside shot. Rumored to have made a commitment, but no confirmation on that yet.

Jake Brophy ’18, M, LaxDawgs / Coronado (Calif.)
Brophy, one of the better uncommitted rising sophomores for the West Coast Starz, enjoyed a great ASG performance (two second half goals) and impressive weekend overall. Foot speed and shot accuracy are definitely two of his best assets, as he did a really nice job separating from his man dodging the alleys and placed his shots well. Brophy was always moving without the ball and also showed a valiant effort on the defensive end and between the lines.

Anthony DeMaio ’16, A, LaxDawgs / Coronado (Calif.)
Nick DeMaio ’18, A, LaxDawgs / Coronado (Calif.)
The chemistry between these two left-handed brothers – who both recently committed to Boston University as a package deal – was enjoyable to watch as they ran the show. Younger brother Nick (who can play at middie as well) had some gorgeous low-to-high blasts and made a number of pivotal plays for the LaxDawgs in Sunday’s playoffs, working well in tandem with his older brother. Anthony was the team’s primary initiator, showing great range on his shot and looking comfortable dodging from pretty much anywhere on the field. They’ll both need to work on their off-hand before they get to the next level but are massive coups for Ryan Polley’s Terriers.

Trevor Johnson ’16, A, Oregon Episcopal (Ore.)
After watching Johnson tear up the Showcase on Thursday, I really have no idea how he’s still uncommitted. The Oregon native has great change of direction, makes standout plays with terrific poise and clearly has a special feel for the game when he’s out there, tossing out some gorgeous assists and fearlessly going to the cage. Loved his ability to create, make plays with either hand make hustle plays when the ball wasn’t in his stick.

Myles Hamm ’17, M, Mustang Starz / Centennial (Alb.)
I’ve given Hamm, a commit to Harvard’s admissions process, some love before but it’s hard not to considering how much he jumps off the page at each event that he attends. The Calgary native has a wiry frame (that he could probably fill out a bit), floats up and down the field and seems to get his hands free whenever he wants to. Even since I saw him a month ago, it seems that his shot is looking even more powerful. The upside on Hamm is considerable, and he’ll be a tough assignment for Division I opponents in a few years.

Landon Baird ’16, A, Denver Elite / Heritage (Colo.)
Connor Bateman ’16, D, MN Loons Gold / Eastview (Minn.)
Cooper Champagne ’16, M, LaxDawgs Brown / Grossmont (Calif.)
Easton Gormican ’17, G, LaxDawgs Brown (Calif.)
Caleb Espinoza ’16, G, LaxCo / Palmer (Colo.)
Ty Funderburk ’16, A, Alpha / Carlsbad (Calif)
Rowan Hart ’17, A, ADVNC Bay Area / Davis (Calif.)
Chad Kreuzer ’16, M, Denver Elite / Monarch (Colo.)
Stuart McDonald ’18, M, Seattle Starz / Bothell (Wash.)
Jake Miller ’16, G, Colorado Wild / Columbine (Colo.)
Ryder Mora ’17, M, LA Heat / Loyola (Calif.)
Asher Nolting ’17, A, FCA Colorado / Cherry Creek (Colo.)
Josh Sherman ’16, A, RC Elite / Torrey Pines (Calif.)
Bradley Simoncelli ’16, A, Vegas Starz / Nevada Connections (Nev.)
Ara Suhadolnik ’16, M, RC Elite / Torrey Pines (Calif.)
Jake Taylor ’18, A, Denver Elite / Regis Jesuit (Colo.)
Connor Till ’17, M, DoCo Devils / Cherry Creek (Colo.)
Christopher Tunnell ’17, D, / Colorado Wild / Denver East (Colo.)
Nick Wendel ’16, A, Vegas Starz / Faith Lutheran (Nev.)
Nick Williams ’18, A, Denver Elite / Conifer (Colo.)

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