Standouts From Maverik Showtime In The 2017 And 2018 Classes

CJeJ1PVUYAASsxPI’ve been attending Showtime for the past five years and it’s truly become better and better each summer, featuring over 100 Division I verbals in addition to the nation’s most coveted uncommitted prospects. Former ‘Cuse greats Paul Carcaterra, Mike Springer and Joe Ceglia run the show and have raised an event that is now the most sought after invitation of year for rising sophomores and juniors.

While the week was affected greatly by the weather, lightning and rain were ever-present, causing games to be shortened and pushing games to just the turf field, recruiters flocked to this year’s event to catch a glimpse at impressive talent. Here’s a look at who impressed:‘s Class of 2017 All-Star Game Highlights‘s GoPro Highlights

Mikey Berkman ’18, A, Dr. Phillips (Fla.)
An Orlando native committed to Syracuse, Berkman did a phenomenal job creating scoring opportunities for himself, he tore up one morning session that I watched and was eventually selected to the All-Star Game. His foot speed and two handedness are particularly strong, as he also protects his stick to limit turnovers and also created turnovers of his own while riding. Has some bad habits that need to be touched up (he hung his stick at times) but is a great pickup for the Orange with lots of potential.

Jordan Ginder ’18, F/O, Deerfield (Mass.)
Joseph Neuman ’18, F/O, Whitman (N.Y.)
I’m lumping these two together for a few reasons. Considered the most heavily recruited and talented FOGOs in the class (before they committed to Duke and Hopkins),they had some awesome battles this week, both in the All-Star Game and in one afternoon sessions. Each one would go on long streaks of winning four or five in a row and then the other would respond with a run of his own. Built low to the ground, Neuman is a technician that wears down his man and often wins the clamp. Ginder is more of an athlete with phenomenal hands, quick to the whistle and also having some success on offense. I’m looking forward to seeing these two beat each other up at the X for years to come. 

Christian Cropp ’17, M, Benjamin School (Fla.)
The Palm Beach County native boosted his status with an excellent week that ended by picking up MVP honors for the All-Star Game, putting in two goals on the night. On the first tally, Cropp put in a beautiful runner over the goalie’s shoulder offside, following that up with the second half’s first goal with another great shot on the run. He’s an extremely impressive athlete who thrived dodging the alleys and also played particularly strong defense. From what I hear, his interest is picking up a lot, including attention from several Top 20 schools.

Dan Shay ’18, A, Archbishop Spalding (Md.)
The nephew of Yale head coach Andy Shay, this Baltimore Breakers product appeared more and more comfortable and confident as time went on. He’s an unbelievably crafty with the ball in his stick, handling like a Canadian and pulling off some flat out special moves on his way to the cage. In a game shortened to 30 minutes due to the weather on Tuesday evening, Shay hit his stride by pumping in four goals. Also looked solid in the All-Star Game.

Sean Kuttin ’18, M, Chaminade (N.Y.)
One of the more coveted prospects in the entire class, Kuttin separates from his man better than the majority of the 2018 middies I’ve seen. The Hopkins verbal has a lot of wiggle in his step, allowing him to regularly beat his man with a split dodge or hitch move. In addition, he has clearly put in a lot of time on his own with a bucket of balls, showing off an extremely polished shot on the run. Kuttin is a midfielder who will almost always warrant being covered with a longpole and if he adds on some more size, can be a game-changing midfielder at the next level.

Walker West ’18, G, Fox Lane (N.Y.)
I was unable to watch much of West until Wednesday night’s All-Star Game but came away impressed. Earning MVP honors, he took first half honors and made a whopping nine saves while allowing just two goals, which is remarkable for a setting of that sort. He ate up popcorn inside with extremely quick hands and reaction time, also commanding the defense well and clearing at a well above average level.

Ryan O’Connell ’17, M, New Canaan (Conn.)
I couldn’t help but notice just how dominant O’Connell was in comparison to last year. The lefty was splitting doubles, finishing some gorgeous shots on the run with excellent range from 10-15 yards. His athleticism was on display when he made interceptions, came out of nowhere to pick up tough GB’s on the sideline and push transition. After being committed to Michigan for nine months until a few weeks ago, O’Connell decided on UNC on Friday.

John John Lombardi ’18, M, Irondequoit (N.Y.)
Built like a fire hydrant, Lombardi has a quick first step and great motor for a big man, able to wear his opponents down with his dodging prowess. He’s a throwback midfielder who can do a multitude of things well and reminds me of a more athletic John Glynn, a former midfielder at Cornell. The type of kid that Michigan built their 2018 recruiting class around, Lombardi is capable of taking his game to an extremely high level and will be a force in the Big 10.

J.P. Lannig ’18, A, Syosset (N.Y.)
Another player bound for Michigan who built up confidence after a strong freshman campaign, Lannig is an impressive off-ball finisher who is coming into his own as a dodger. He seemed to head to the rack for a shot just about every time that he had the ball, but he did it with proficiency. When accompanied by the right attackmen around him, Lannig is even more dangerous.

Griffin Gelinas ’18, A, Brunswick (Conn.)
One of the finalists for the fastest shot competition, Gelinas dodged with a ton of confidence and got his shot whenever he wanted. His bread and butter was coming around from X and going for a turnaround shot, which he often finished with success. The Syracuse-bound attackman was also money int he bank when had time and room, and put in a ton of effort on the ride.

Andrew Russell ’18, M, Victor (N.Y.)
It’s easy to see why UVA took his verbal this past November, as Russell is not only the type of athlete that they like but an incredibly polished midfielder. Russell possesses fantastic size at this early point and is a smooth dodger who got his hands free with regularity. Between Grayson Sallade, Ross Pridemore and Russell, that Wahoos recruiting class looks awfully impressive on the offensive end.

Brian Tevlin ’17, M, Seton Hall Prep (N.J.)
A lot of people become big fans of what Tevlin brought to the table this past week. He clearly has a great understanding for the game, rarely forcing anything and just generally seeing the field well and making heads up plays left and right. Liked his vision, looking for cutters but also knowing when to pull up for a shot. Liked his face and split dodges, ability to separate and toughness. Put up one goal and one assist in first half of the ASG.

Ben Beldner ’18, D, Pittsford (N.Y.)
Beldner jumped off the page in Monday’s opening session and followed that up with a strong week overall that assuredly helped his stock with potential college suitors. He did an excellent job affecting shots, putting his stick on shooters’ hands and throwing some phenomenal checks (especially one de-sticking that sent an opponent’s stick helicoptering) all over the field. Impressive 1-on-1 cover man.

Ross Pridemore ’18, A, Taft (Conn.)
After some great showings at the Under Armour underclass tournament, the Virginia-bound athlete was an impressive offensive initiator who consistently made plays throughout his time at Showtime. He catches everything with his soft hands and has quick wrists, allowing him to perform great fakes to beat goalies in tight spaces. I’ve seen him perform better, but there’s no doubt that Pridemore is among the top rising sophomores. Plans to leave Taft after one year and continue his career elsewhere.

Jose Boyer ’17, LSM, Yorktown (N.Y.)
I had been hearing rave reviews with the spring that this kid, so it was enjoyable to watch him play, as he wrapped up a dominant week at Showtime to help his standing with a handful of elite college programs. He’s got a tremendous motor, roaming the field and causing turnovers with surgical checks then pushing transition. Boyer isn’t big by any means (probably 5’9 or so), but he brought on a lot of attention with a really impressive few days, possessing a lot of qualities that people like in LSMs.

Alex Vardaro ’18, M, Hewlett (N.Y.)
I remember seeing Vardaro, who plays club with FLG, impress at a top event in the fall so it was enjoyable to see how his game has progressed since that early point. He loved to hitch to create slight separation and get his hands free, demonstrating an incredibly quick release that often stymied goalies. Strong stationary shooter that does a great job changing planes on his shots and will likely see his fair share of recruiting attention going forward.

Justin Kim ’18, M, Don Bosco Prep (N.J.)
Andrew Kim ’18, M, Don Bosco Prep (N.J.)
These “Twin Towers” caught my eye right off the bat in Monday’s opening session, standing out more than any other middies that I had yet to see (word is that they don’t play club ball). They’re each about 6’3 and 185 pounds, gliding down the field, playing both ways and often acting as one-man clears. When given the opportunity, they canned stepdown shots and showed strong decision-making in transition.

Brett Makar ’18, D, Yorktown (N.Y.)
Receiving heavy interest from powers like Maryland and Syracuse, Makar was a pest to opposing attackmen all week long. His footwork is phenomenal, especially around GLE when covering kids at X, and he plays great position while staying all over their gloves. He’s gritty, relentless and intelligent, playing some excellent off-ball D and doing a great job communicating to his fellow defensemen. Looking forward to seeing where Makar winds up.

Alex Burgmaster ’17, M, Auburn (N.Y.)
Burgmaster, still uncommitted somehow, also had a big  week to raise his stock. He can let it fly from 10+ yards with outstanding accuracy and power, doing so both off step-down opportunities or on the run while sweeping across the middle of the field. In one game I caught, Burgmaster hit a pair of shots that rang off the pipe and in. There were times where he almost wasn’t assertive enough, as if he isn’t aware just how good he is. Great prospect that should be able to find a home soon.

Matt Magnan ’18, M, Fox Lane (N.Y.) 
I’ve watched Magnan extensively and he’s no stranger to writeups on RR, but his game has clearly matured and is as complete as a lot of other midfielders in the rising sophomore class. He’s big for his age, carries an absolute cannon of an outside shot with either hand and glides down the alleys making key plays for his team. Due to what he’d be able to bring to a top program, I’d imagine that he’s a kid that schools probably won’t stop recruiting despite his verbal to Syracuse.

Sean Barry ’17, A, Smithtown East (N.Y.) – Towson
Coleman Bishop ’18, A, Woodberry Forest (Va.)
Griffin Cook ’18, A, Jamesville-DeWitt (N.Y.)
Scully Jenevein ’18, A, Highland Park (Tex.)
Jack Keogh ’17, A, Manhasset (N.Y.) – Hopkins
Teioshontathe McComber ’18, A, Salisbury (Conn.) – Albany
Connor Morin ’17, A, Morristown Beard (N.J.) – Villanova
Aidan Olmstead ’17, A, Corning (N.Y.) – Loyola
Nicky Solomon ’18, A, Centennial (Ga.) – UNC
Thomas Tenney ’17, A, Fox Lane (N.Y.) – Denver
Isaac Thrasher ’18, A, Canton (N.Y.)
Pete Fiorini ’18, M, Baldwinsville (N.Y.) – Syracuse
Kevin Hussey ’18, M, Smithtown East (N.Y.)
Jadon Kerry ’18, M, Chanhassen (Minn.)
Matt Licciardi ’17, M, Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.)
Josh Reiss ’17, M, St. Anne’s Belfield (Va.)
Grayson Sallade ’18, M, Manheim Township (Pa.) – UVA
Griffin Westlin ’18, M, Seton Hall Prep (N.J.) – Hopkins
James Amorosana ’18, LSM, Manhasset (N.Y.)
Adrian Enchill ’17, LSM, Westminster (Conn.) – Notre Dame
Oliver Hollo ’18, LSM, Deerfield Academy (Mass.)
Tyler Senerchia ’17, LSM, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) – Bucknell
Peyton Bogard ’17, D, Lovett (Ga.) – Maryland
Owen Hull ’18, D, Rye (N.Y.)
Evan Tattersall ’18, D, Granite Bay (Calif.)
Gibson Smith ’17, D, Pelham (N.Y.) – Georgetown
Andrew Song ’17, D, Roxbury Latin (Mass.) – Princeton
Andrew Bonafede ’18, G, Chaminade (N.Y.)
Teddy Dolan ’18, G, Garden City (N.Y.)
Caton Johnson ’18, G, Manheim Township (Pa.) – UNC
Drew Morris ’17, G, New Canaan (Conn.) – Maryland
Will Ramos ’17, G, Nyack (N.Y.)

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