12 Players Who Impressed at Baltimore Summer Kickoff Session II, Other Standouts

CIGXBNgUsAAyQhOHosted by the staff at High Point University, the Baltimore Summer Kickoff has established itself as one of the better team tournaments, attracting over 120 recruiters throughout the weekend at the St. Paul’s Schools in Brooklandville, Md. I attended for several hours on Saturday, catching pool play and the All-Star Games. Sunday’s contests were marred by a large storm the previous night, causing all of the day’s games to be pushed to SP’s two turf fields and shortened to 22 minutes each. 

Session II saw another geographically diverse lineup of teams but with more of a Northeast flair then before, with a ton of standouts from Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. Make sure to check out contributor Will Kiley’s 20 players who impressed from Session I, held last weekend. Now, Session 2’s top standouts, featuring several uncommitted players.

Jeremy Winston ’17, M, Iron Horse / Parish Episcopal (Tex.)
Armed with burst and a powerful lower body, it’s no surprise to hear that Winston is a standout running back and DB on the football field. Iron Horse would regularly just give him the ball for a full-field clear and the lefty showed a knack for scoring in those situations. While he’s a bit rough around the edges, he’s a raw prospect that college programs would have no problem trying to mold into a heavily contributing midfielder.

Keith Fernandez ’16, M, Georgetown Prep (Md.)
Still somehow without a commitment, Fernandez could be getting closer to that achievement given his prowess at BSK, putting up two goals in the game that I witnessed. He went to the cage with vengeance, often rolling back to his strong hand while always keeping his head up to look for cutting teammates. Smooth and relatively shifty, he was Prep’s go-to initiator and should be relied on more heavily next year after the Little Hoyas’ graduation losses.

Patrick Burkinshaw ’18, G, Eclipse / Brunswick (Conn.)
By no means a “stay at home” keeper, the rangy Burkinshaw was excellent out of the cage, playing with confidence and poise by getting groundballs by the endline or executing the clear himself. He read shots well from all planes and angles, making a handful of spectacular saves in the two halves that I watched him. Definitely one of the better goalie prospects in the class of 2018.

Will Hynson ’17, M, Predators / Rye (N.Y.)
I had Hynson down for two goals in the All-Star Game, ripping a bar-down beauty on his first offering that drew cheers from the crowd on hand. Though he relies a bit too heavily on his left hand, Hynson is a really nice prospect with a polished shot on the run, often using a three-quarters release to beat the goalie.

Charlie Kitchen ’16, A, South Shore / St. Augustine Prep (N.J.)
You’d be hard pressed to find a more skilled uncommitted rising senior out there. Kitchen, who put up big numbers for the Hermits this spring, did a great job turning the corner and shooting accurately. He has great acceleration around the cage to beat his man and seemed relatively unfazed by contact. Kitchen is outstanding without the ball and also rode hard all afternoon.

Joel Scerbo ’18, M, Shamrocks / Kingsway (N.J.)
A product of the South Jersey program, Scerbo seemed to do something whenever the ball was in his possession. His outside shot was the best I saw at the event, getting the ball out in a hurry and with accuracy, putting one off the pipe and in on an extra-man look. Also tossed out some nice assists to show that he isn’t just an one-dimensional shooter.

Kyle Mullin ’17, G, Man Up / West Chester Rustin (Pa.)
Out of all of the prospects that I had yet to see coming into the summer, Mullin is certainly the most impressive. He’s picked up a considerable amount of buzz after earning a spot on the Under Armour Philly squad and has backed it up, demonstrating a high energy style of goalkeeping by often taking the ball over the midline. Mullen is a quick-handed keeper with a flair for the dramatic save and did an excellent job controlling rebounds. He has awesome grades to match and has apparently been attracting Ivy League interest.

Colin Minicus ’16, A, CT Chargers / Darien (Conn.)
Jack Kniffin ’16, A, CT Chargers / Darien (Conn.)
Kyle Smith ’16, M, CT Chargers / New Canaan (Conn.)
After watching this club program at the event in past years, it was enjoyable to see this trio a year later to see how much they’ve progressed. Smith, in particular, looked like a dramatically different player – bound for Denver, he’s a horse of an athlete between the lines who warrants longstick coverage whenever he has the ball with a full head of steam. The uncommitted Minicus, a smaller, high IQ quarterback type at X, made a number of impressive plays, creating goals off of the ride and finishing time & room shots from 10+ yards. His Blue Wave running mate Kniffin, who will head to Brown after his senior season, notched two goals in transitions and is deceptively quick, regularly giving his matchups trouble.

Wade Shervin ’16, M, Blackwolf / St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Va.)
Blessed with great athleticism, Shervin had a nice outing in the All-Star Game, showing off his downhill dodging. Bigger than most of the kids he was going against, he was able to put his shoulder down to get to the cage to make plays. Hard to see how Shervin has yet to be scooped up yet, especially considering his big spring with the Saints.

Raymond Baran ’17, D, Man Up / Malvern Prep (Pa.)
From the looks of it, Baran is a sleeper who deserves a hard look for consideration from Division I coaches. He has a motor that is off the charts, pestering attackmen with an active stick, excellent foot speed and great holds around GLE. His wheels were both on display on one play where he scored, boosting a Man-Up team that was fun to watch on Saturday.

Camden Kelleher ’18, A, 3d New England / Deerfield (Mass.)
Tyler Forbes ’18, A, 3d New England / Groton (Mass.)
Amos Gilbert ’18, M, 3d New England / Salisbury (Conn.)
John Kiracofe ’17, G, Blackwolf / St. John’s (D.C.)
Matt Zajac ’17, A, Blackwolf / Good Counsel (Md.)
Christian Park ’18, F/O, Blackwolf / Stone Bridge (Va.)
Drake Schaffner ’18, D, Blackwolf / Gonzaga (D.C.)
Max Hall ’16, M, Building Blocks / Montclair Kimberly (N.J.)
Will Burckley ’17, A, Building Blocks / Ridge (N.J.)
Max Metalios ’17, D, CT Chargers / Brunswick (Conn.) – PENN
Brendan Hoffman ’16, M, Eclipse / Fairfield Prep (Conn.)
Christian Trifone ’16, A/M, Eclipse / Darien (Conn.)
Peter Swindell ’16, M, Eclipse / New Canaan (Conn.)
Owen Shin ’18, M, Eclipse / New Canaan (Conn.)
John Railey ’16, D, Georgetown Prep (Md.) – LOYOLA
Zach Kissick ’16, A, Iron Horse / Dallas Jesuit (Tex.) – UNC
Sean Christman ’17, F/O, Man Up / Malvern Prep (Pa.)
Ryan McNulty ’16, LSM/D, Man Up / Bishop Shanahan (Pa.) – LOYOLA
Adam Baker ’16, G, VLC / Paul VI (Va.) – MT. ST. MARY’S
Christopher McLallen ’16, A, VLC / Madison (Va.) – HIGH POINT
Brad Meister ’16, M, South Shore / St. Augustine (N.J.)
Reed Randolph ’17, D, Dallas Select / Vandegrift (Tex.)

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