Under Armour Underclass: Baltimore Roster Announced + Tryout Notes, South Roster Announced

ph-under-armour-boys-laxa-jpg-20130706Under Armour and Corrigan Sports Enterprises announced the roster of boys who will represent the South and Baltimore regions at the 2015 Under Armour Underclass Lacrosse Tournament. The sport’s most prestigious underclassmen tournament will feature girls and boys teams from Baltimore, Long Island, Midwest, New England, New Jersey, Philadelphia, South, Upstate New York, Washington D.C. and West, consisting of players from the graduating classes of 2016 to 2018.

Last year’s team went undefeated, winning a second straight UA underclass title by knocking off the Philly squad in the final. After leading Howard HS to a 19-0 season and state title, Jimmy Creighton will return in July to lead the Baltimore squad, flanked by assistants Trey Whitty (McDonogh), Steve DeFeo (Westminster) and Rick Matthews (St. Paul’s). Notes from the tryouts can be seen at the bottom of the post. Here’s the roster:

A – *Mitch Gordon ’16 – St. Paul’s (Md.) – Virginia
A – Jacob Kelly ’18 – Calvert Hall (Md.) – Noth Carolina
A – Jack Kinnear ’16 – Calvert Hall (Md.) – Villanova
A – Jackson Morrill ’16 – McDonogh (Md.) – Yale
A – *Cole Williams ’16 – Loyola Blakefield (Md.) – Johns Hopkins
M – Ben Bedard ’17 – Severn (Md.) – Penn
M – William Brothers ’16 – Mt. St. Joe (Md.) – Uncommitted
M – Bryan Costabile ’16 – Mt. St. Joe (Md.) – Notre Dame
M – Brendan Doyle ’16 – Loyola Blakefield (Md.) – Uncommitted
M – Drew Harrison ’16 – Mt. St. Joe (Md.) – Maryland
M – Collin Mailman ’16 – York Suburban (Pa.) – Uncommitted
M – *Ethan Mintzer ’16 – Calvert Hall (Md.) – Maryland
M – Koby Russell ’17 – Boys’ Latin (Md.) – Uncommitted
M – Barrett Sutley ’16 – McDonogh (Md.) – Penn State
F/O – Brendan Tscherne ’17 – St. Paul’s (Md.) – Uncommitted
LSM – John Faus ’16 – St. Paul’s (Md.) – Furman
LSM – Adam Mrowiec ’16 – John Carroll (Md.) – Uncommitted
D – Nick Griffin ’16 – Liberty (Md.) – Uncommitted
D – Arman Medghalchi ’16 – McDonogh (Md.) – Princeton
D – Evan Riss ’17 – Oakland Mills (Md.) – Ohio State
D – Koby Smith ’17 – Loyola Blakefield (Md.) – Uncommitted
D – David Sturtz ’16 – Gilman (Md.) – Princeton
G – Joe McSorley ’16 – Calvert Hall (Md.) – Uncommitted
G – Jack Pezzulla ’16 – Boys’ Latin (Md.) – North Carolina


Last year’s South team made waves by finishing 3-1 on the weekend (while hotbeds like D.C. and Long Island ended up 0-4), falling in the semifinals to eventual champion Baltimore in OT. After being doormats in past years, it made a statement to the other regions not to take any team, and especially the South, lightly. This year’s squad is led by head coach Chris Spaulding (Lake Highland Prep, Fla.) along with assistants Alex Poole (Coppell, Tex.), Andy Pons (Woodward Academy, Ga.), Mark Goldsmith (Northwest Guilford, N.C.). Here’s the roster, which features five returners from last year, marked by asterisks next to names:

A – *Jared Bernhardt ’16 – Lake Brantley (Fla.) – Maryland
A – *Stephen Chase PG ’16 – Maclay (Fla.) / Choate (Conn.) – Notre Dame
A – J. Matthew Keeler ’17 – Ponte Vedra (Fla.) – Uncommitted
A – Owen Seebold ’17 – Highland Park (Tex.) – Syracuse
A – Reid Smith ’17 – Ponte Vedra (Fla.) – Uncommitted
A – Mitchell Snyder ’16 – Needham Broughton (N.C.) – High Point
A/M – Zach Kissick ’16 – Dallas Jesuit (Tex.) – North Carolina
M – Parker Alexander ’17 – Highland Park (Tex.) – North Carolina
M – Christopher Britton ’16 – Vero Beach (Fla.) – Uncommitted
M – *Jackson Colling ’16 – Lake Highland Prep (Fla.) – Boston U.
M – Lewis Langford ’16 – Maclay (Fla.) – Uncommitted
M – Nakeie Montgomery ’17 – Episcopal Dallas (Tex.) – Duke
M – Austin Strazzulla ’17 – Loomis Chaffee (Conn.) – Uncommitted
F/O – *Crosby Matthews ’16 – Lovett (Ga.) – Delaware
F/O – John Michael Night ’16 – Trinity Prep (Fla.) – Mercer
D – Peyton Bogard ’17 – Lovett (Ga.) – Maryland
D – Chandler Coons ’16 – Buchholz (Fla.) – Uncommitted
D – Jude Sedillo ’16 – St. Stephen’s Episcopal (Fla.) – Uncommitted
D – Raines Shamburger ’16 – Westminster (Ga.) – Duke
D – Mick Upchurch ’17 – McCallie (Tenn.) – Princeton
D – Daniel Walsh ’17 – St. Edward’s (Fla.) – Uncommitted
D – Jack Welding ’16 – Southlake Carroll (Tex.) – Maryland
G – Jeremy Lim ’16 – Coppell (Tex.) – Uncommitted
G – *Viper Scheele ’16 – Jupiter (Fla.) – Bryant

Baltimore Tryouts Take Place Tue. & Wed. at Goucher College

I stopped by the tryouts both nights in Towson, with 145 college coaches on hand. Despite rainy weather and brisk temperatures, games went down as scheduled. Here are a couple of quick notes, along with the Top 44 roster that will be cut down to 22 in the coming days for their roster that will play in the games come 4th of July weekend:

-Though there was plenty of talent at the tryout, there was a noticeable drop-off from past years. The class of 2014 and 2015 were filled with marquee names, helping the Baltimore squad win back-to-back titles. Just three returners (Williams, Gordon and Mintzer) from last year’s squad were present in Wednesday’s Top 44 game. What’s noticeable, however, was how much uncommitted talent is available – about half of the participants in the top 44 game. College coaches at every level were able to walk away with a number of targets circled on their rosters.

-It’s always a struggle, but this year looks to be especially tough when it comes to making decisions at the attack spot. Cole Williams is an easy pick, standing out on Tuesday with his ability to dodge to feed and dodge to score with prowess, using his big frame to his advantage around GLE. He didn’t play his best on Wednesday, though stood out with Jack Kinnear (Calvert Hall 2016/Villanova) in the two-man game. Another Cardinal that made the Top 88 cut, rising sophomore Zach Green, played great in my eyes. Jackson Morrill, Mitch Gordon and uncommitted sleeper Nick Goles are my other picks, while it will be a toss-up for the other spots.

-Due to shear numbers, it becomes difficult for face-off men and goalies to stand out. Games were 25 minutes long and teams had three or four keepers and a handful of FOGOs splitting reps. Brendan Tscherne stood out from the pack, winning draws forward to himself or with the help of his LSM on the wing, St. Paul’s teammate John Faus, who was excellent on both nights. Goalie wise, Pezzulla will likely get the nod and made stops in bunches, clearing with confidence. He had a tough ending to the spring with a few rough outings but has proven that he’s hands down the top goalie in not just the MIAA, but the entire state heading into next year. McSorley, another experienced goalie, looked strong, as did public school counterparts McClelland (Howard) and Stallings (Harford Tech). In particular, McClelland looked really comfortable, communicating with his D and corralling shots with poise.

A – Jackson Morrill, McDonogh 2016 / Yale

A – Cole Williams, Loyola Blakefield 2016 / Hopkins

A – Nicholas Goles, Loyola Blakefield 2016

A – Garrett Michel, Dulaney 2016

A – Chris Williams, Gilman 2016

A – Mitch Gordon, St. Paul’s 2016 / Virginia

A – Luke Hurley, Loyola Blakefield 2016 / Furman

A – Jacob Kelly, Calvert Hall 2018 / UNC

A – Jack Kinnear, Calvert Hall 2018 / Villanova

A – James Lucas, Mt. St. Joe 2016 / UMBC

A – Tyler Nalls, Glenelg 2018

A – Basil Aburn, Boys’ Latin 2018 / Syracuse

M – Robbie Olsen, Loyola Blakefield 2018 / Penn

M – Koby Russell, Boys’ Latin 2017

M – Charlie Olmert, Severn 2017 / Harvard

M – Ben Bedard, Severn 2017 / Penn

M – Connor Pearce, Calvert Hall 2016

M – Barrett Sutley, McDonogh 2016 / Penn State

M – Kyle Sutton, Mt. Hebron 2016

M – Brendan Doyle, Loyola Blakefield 2016

M – Ethan Mintzer, Calvert Hall 2016 / Maryland

M – Collin Mailman, York Suburban (Pa.) 2016

M – William Brothers, Mt. St. Joe 2016

M – Drew Harrison, Mt. St. Joe 2016 / Maryland

M – Bryan Costabile, Mt. St. Joe 2016 / Notre Dame

M – Chance Campbell, Calvert Hall 2018

F/O – Brendan Tscherne, St. Paul’s 2017

F/O – Patrick Regan, Calvert Hall 2016

LSM – Kane Randolph, St. Mary’s 2016 / Penn State

LSM – Taylor Cashman, Gilman 2017

LSM – John Faus, St. Paul’s 2016 / Furman

LSM – Adam Mrowiec, John Carroll 2016

D – Evan Riss, Oakland Mills 2017 / Ohio State

D – David Sturtz, Gilman 2016 / Princeton

D – Arman Medghalchi, McDonogh 2016 / Princeton

D – Koby Smith, Loyola Blakefield 2017

D – Josh Vetter, Howard 2016

D – Rich Dion, McDonogh 2018

D – Drew Borkowicz, Calvert Hall 2016

D – Nicholas Griffin, Liberty 2016

G – Jack Pezzulla, Boys’ Latin 2016 / UNC

G – Joe McSorley, Calvert Hall 2016

G – Collin McClelland, Howard 2016

G – Chris Stallings, Harford Tech 2016

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