Video Emerges For Six Nations Product And No. 23 Junior Tehoka Nanticoke, A, IMG Academy (Fla.)

The lacrosse world has been buzzing about the prowess of native Tehoka Nanticoke, a junior attackman at the renowned IMG Academy in Florida. Now, there’s finally some video to back it all up… and it’s pretty unbelievable.

There have only been a couple of occasions (and only with Canadians, I’m pretty sure) in the past where I’ve went ahead and ranked a player without seeing him live. The testimonials I heard on Nanticoke, who checked in as the No. 23 member of the Class of 2016, were too strong not to take the so-called chance on him. Looking forward to seeing what he’s able to do for IMG over the next two springs, as they’ll play a strong national schedule starting in March.

Hailing from the Six Nations reservation in Ontario, the scorer uses a sturdy 6-foot and nearly 200 pound-frame to back down his defender and protect the ball. That’s a skill, along with his pinpoint shooting, that Nanticoke has developed through years of box with the Six Nations Rebels. His stick is an extension of his hands, stymying defenders and goalies alike with insane fakes on the doorstep. He doesn’t have a burst of speed but doesn’t really need one. He probably doesn’t even need a left hand either, considering how dominant he is with his right. The ease with which he finishes 1-on-1’s is certainly impressive, but so too is his ability to feed teammates on the fast break with tremendous unselfishness. In general, Tehoka’s creativity with a lacrosse ball in his stick is second to none in comparison to anybody else currently in high school.

Right now, he’s catching up on core credits after coming from the reservation into a structured school environment at IMG where the support in all facets is off the charts. A plethora of schools reached out to IMG’s Michael Ryder after seeing him play at UPLax this fall. Albany is a school that is certainly in the mix however despite their efforts to recruit him, Syracuse is not a destination that Nanticoke has in mind. Rutgers, Denver and a few others have inquired as well, among others.

Here’s what Ryder has to say about the promising ’16 attackman:

“He has scoring ability from in tight and from deep. Knows how to read goalies and set the up for any type of shot. Excels at the face-off X from time to time as well, even though we don’t really need to use him up there. All in all, he is one of the best talents I have seen on a lacrosse field EVER. It’s truly amazing to see in practice everyday, he’s a highly competitive individual and is very intellectual about space and movement in a team setting.”

2 thoughts on “Video Emerges For Six Nations Product And No. 23 Junior Tehoka Nanticoke, A, IMG Academy (Fla.)

  1. This is awesome to hear! There’s TONS of super talent at Six Nations but the only ones you see are the ones who can afford all the special tournaments, travel, special schools, etc. This tiny little community is producing enough talent to compete with entire Countries best players, year after year. Know this.


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