Uncommitted Highlight Of The Day: Jack Collins, A, Taft (Conn.) / 3d New England

Taft School (Conn.) head coach Casey D’Annolfo, who has turned the Rhinos into one of New England’s best over the last few years, has a pretty special trio of freshmen attackmen on his hands.

Today, 3d New England’s Jack Collins – who will fight for time with classmates Ross Pridemore (SweetLax / UVA) and Xander Dickson (Eclipse) – is featured. This coming weekend, the Marblehead (Mass.) native will head to Harvard’s Prospect Day.
Overall, I haven’t been blown away by a large amount of 2018 attackmen (in comparison to other classes), however it’s clear that Collins can turn the corner better than most kids in the freshman class. He’s a player who may not jump off the page with any one attribute but does pretty much everything on the field at an above average level, at least based on what I’ve seen from him in past year or so. Collins is a kid who routinely puts himself in strong scoring situations off-ball but also gets off accurate feeds to cutting teammates. He looks much like many attackmen that 3d has helped along over the years – tough, slick, mostly two-handed and with a really nice lacrosse IQ. With some touching up, I think his game can go far.

From what I’ve been told, Collins will be going on second visits to Penn State, Cornell and Penn, with a handful of other Ivy League schools in the mix.

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