Uncommitted Highlight Of The Day: Sam Schroeder ’18, M, St. Mark’s (Tex.) / C2C

Getting back into the regular Monday through Friday routine, the Uncommitted Highlight Reel of the Day feature focuses on a non-hotbed freshman midfielder who is getting serious attention from Ivies and ACC programs, among others.

Sam Schroeder, playing club for Dallas-based C2C, put together a rock solid fall with his squad, fitting in campus visits to North Carolina and Duke. I remember watching him at the C2C Spotlight in October (but more so his post-event highlight reel that came out astonishingly fast) and came away impressed. My brief notes on him from the event were ‘two-way athlete, quarterback from up top’ and overall, I feel that he can become another Texas midfield prospect able to be molded into a big-time player over time.

His overhand lefty shot jumps off at first glimpse due to its release and tremendous velocity – see the :40 mark, for example. Not too shabby at all. Schroeder a player who is a deceptive dodger, often faking the pass and catching the defense off guard before firing a shot home. I really like his end-to-end hustle and speed plus his ability to go forward when taking draws (he’s a knee-down FO guy) to create instant offense.

Colleges want more versatile players and this kid fits that billing without a doubt. It’s also good that he has phenomenal grades to give him a wide range of options. On top of that, one has to think that he has too much talent for St. Mark’s head coach Francis Donald to keep on the sidelines this spring. Most likely an early impact as a 2018.

Next summer, Schroeder will be attending Maverik Showtime individually, plus NSCLA, Crabfeast, Baltimore Summer Kickoff and UNC Team Camp all with C2C.

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