Holiday Update: Where Recruiting Rundown Is Headed… Post-Vacation


Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. Conditions are a bit different from the brutal temperatures during the November recruiting circuit.

It’s been a hectic few months since launching Recruiting Rundown.

The transition from a full-time magazine job with guidance and deadlines from helpful editors to a gig where I’m a one-man band working out of my home office can be described in all sorts of ways. It’s certainly a much needed challenge, testing my creativity, time management, writing skills and overall organization.

It’s been a grind. Though I’ve become acclimated to living my job (perhaps too much) over the last five or so years, running a website solo and providing fresh content daily for the rabid recruiting fans out there is now 24/7 and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love what I do.

More than anything, this new venture has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable. It may sound cliche but I’ve really learned something new everyday and have grown. I’ve published more articles in three months than I did in an entire year at Inside Lacrosse, where since 2009 I worked as an intern, freelancer and then finally as a full-time staffer before departing in August. Traveling every weekend is tiring but it’s been a blast meeting new people, covering some amazing events and hearing feedback of RR whether it’s overwhelmingly positive or constructive criticism.

With all of that said, a week away from lax, laptops and cell phones is necessary. For the first time since I was a sophomore in high school, I’ll be leaving the country – I couldn’t be more excited about getting out of dodge for a while.

Once I became engaged in lacrosse journalism (and Twitter), vacation changed dramatically. Instead of leaving work life behind, I felt like I had a responsibility to chase and tweet out new commitments, keep up with e-mail and tinker with player rankings, much to my family’s dismay. This time around, I’m hoping it’s different and quite frankly, I don’t have much of a choice considering I’ll be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean a few hours from now. That’ll be another challenge… however, I’m sure I’ll hop on the ship’s guest computers for quick stints on e-mail and social media once or twice during the week-long excursion to the West Indies. Simply can’t quit the drug that is the internet.

This stretch of time away from Baltimore won’t just consist of me spending time in the sun with drink in hand flanked by family members. Fortunately, I’ll be heading right from Puerto Rico to San Diego on the 3rd to cover the Adrenaline Challenge, checking out the playoffs and All-Star Games on the final day then extending the trip a few days to see friends. There are also some more tentative plans for event coverage in January.

With January and February being relatively low key (except when it comes to new commitments), new concepts for the site’s content will start to be rolled out. Between daily articles previewing each Top 25 team, more extensive commit pieces, club ratings, updated player rankings and guest articles from notable high school and college coaches, there are all sorts of things in the works. In addition, I’ll begin to highlight club teams from coast to coast, both well known clubs and relatively unheralded programs. If you’re interested, email me at and we’ll set up an interview for the near future.

An area of emphasis will also be updating the Video Vault, which has admittedly been extremely under updated, as the focus has been on posting commitments and covering events. If you have a new highlight reel with November footage, use the highlight submission forms here.

It’s a given that this whole undertaking couldn’t be done without everybody’s support, which has been amazing. As I mentioned on the first day of the site on October 2nd, the goal is to be constantly developing, establishing new ideas for content and interaction. If you have any suggestions or feedback, your e-mails are welcomed.

Have an awesome and safe New Year, see you in a few!

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