Uncommitted Highlight of the Day: Mac Perry ’17, D, Phillips Exeter (N.H.) / 3d New England

Perry may have been one of the most fundamentally sound 2017 defensemen at the Philly Showcase this year. For that, he’s been getting a lot of interest from the ACC and Ivy League, where many Founder’s League defensemen seem to end up. His fall highlight reel arrived in my inbox right after December rolled over and I came away extremely impressed.

When it comes to defensemen, highlight reels never tell the full tale. What highlight video is going to show a kid playing off-ball defense and communicating? None. They’ll almost always consist of 1-on-1 defense and takeaways plus some clearing and offensive work. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s just the nature of the whole thing.

Anyway, Perry is a player who just sits down in the defensive stance and does work. His footwork is fantastic in particular, as he’s able to stay with attackmen in all shapes and sizes, locking them down and in many cases taking them out of the game. He’s physical and intimidating, especially showing great technique around GLE. The sophomore showcases an active stick and though he seldom goes for the home run check, he often puts the ball on the ground and picks off passes. There weren’t many instances this fall where Perry made any glaring mistake, a big reason why he’s getting so much attention. I can see him committing to one of the Ivies in the next few weeks or months.

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