Uncommitted Highlight of the Day: Dylan Clancy ’16, A, Peddie (N.J.) / Team Turnpike

This is a player who, despite his lack of size, can definitely fill up the back of the net. Clancy, who has started for coach Ross Turco since his freshman year, had a coveted spot at the Under Armour Uncommitted Game. I remember him from the NJ tryouts at Rider earlier in the summer, as he was always moving without the ball and getting the rock out of his stick and towards the net.
One of the things that stand out about Clancy is that he’s very crafty and opportunistic. He doesn’t have the ball for long and likely won’t be a dodger at the next level, whether that’s high Division III or on the lower end of Division I. The mechanics on his shot look excellent, as he doesn’t really have any bad tendencies and unleashes it quickly with a 3/4 release or straight overhand for the most part. Definitely can rip it well from mid-range and in tight spaces, but is also an underrated feeder. Looks pesky and tough on the ride and isn’t afraid of getting his nose in the dirt when venturing for a groundball.

He’s apparently visited Middlebury, Kenyon and Boston University, with additional contact from Dartmouth and Trinity. All would be nice fits, however I think unless he grows a few more inches, the NESCAC would be perfect for his level of play. He notched 19 goals and 23 assists last year against a solid schedule so it will be interesting to see where his game goes in the spring and summer.

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