Uncommitted Highlight Of The Day: Ryan Hastings ’16, M, Bishop’s (Calif.) / West Coast Starz

It’s a mystery as to why Ryan Hastings is still on the board. Playing on the West Coast Starz, RC Silver and one of San Diego’s best prep programs, the junior is a bull of a scoring midfielder who has started for three years and put up monster numbers alongside Christian Ford and Jake Seau. In the offseason, Hastings impresses at most recruiting tournament he attends, most recently the Adrenaline Fall Invitational followed by High Rollers back in Southern California.

A trend for a lot of midfielders from the left coast, Hastings has a ton of confidence with his outside shot and isn’t afraid to sling it from 15 yards. He’s automatic with time and room or the step down when a man is covering him, often making the defense regret guarding him with a shortstick. The kid has two qualities that colleges will probably love: he has a GPA well above 4.0 (with insanely high test scores to match) and is also so ambidextrous that it’s hard to tell which hand he is. Loves to mix up release points and is especially accomplished with some low shots, showing that off in the video from the spring season.

Also like how he’s great working without the ball in his stick and can dodge from wherever on the field – expect to see more of a target on his back in 2015 now that Seau (IL’s No. 10 recruit) is off at Duke. More than just a scorer, Hastings does a little bit of everything and is an utility guy between the lines. As of now, he’s visited Dartmouth, Brown, Tufts and Harvard with interest from others.

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