Uncommitted Highlight Of The Day: Gibson Smith ’17, LSM/D, Pelham Memorial (N.Y.) / Prime Time

I’d like to think that I can spot a hockey player on the lacrosse field rather easily, poles especially. They have remarkable hands, get the ball off the ground with ease and are tough as nails, unafraid of any contact or tough situation.

Gibson Smith, a touted sophomore center for the Pelicans’ puck squad, has a lot of those same attributes. See that play at 1:07? Yup, hockey. Possessing a nice frame at six feet and 170 pounds, Smith throws nasty takeaway checks and glides down the field in transition as if he’s on skates.

Highlight reels usually don’t show how a defenseman is off-ball and though he’s more of the 1-on-1 cover man type, Smith looked pretty savvy this fall when the ball is away from him. In general, opponents can’t really have any bad tendencies around him (hanging their sticks, holding the ball too long, etc.) because he often makes them pay. His hand-eye coordination is also at an extremely high level, which is awfully evident in the video. Love how he really makes things difficult for attackmen, who have trouble getting by him thanks to his long arms and precise checks to jar the ball loose.

Due to an excellent fall, Smith helped his college stock, visiting Bucknell, Dartmouth and Villanova in December. Last month, he checked out Georgetown and Loyola and due to a fairly fast process, will probably decide before the New Year.

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