Uncommitted Highlight Of The Day: Conner Mosebrook ’17, M, Haverford (Pa.) / Mesa, Big 4, FCA

The Haverford Fords always seem to have an endless supply of athletic righty midfielders. While most of them are off the board at this point, Conner Mosebrook is still out there and is one of many talented Mesa Fresh Fever 2017’s yet to be scooped up.

The 5’11, 155-pound player (who also plays football) has had a few nice campaigns at some tournaments I’ve attended, specifically the Platinum Cup, IL Invitational and B’more Classic. Mosebrook is rather impressive without the ball in his stick, putting himself in the right spots on the field in order to be successful. When he has time and room, the ball often winds up in the back of the net. When there’s a shorty matched up with him and he’s going to the goal, there’s usually the same result.

It’s definitely clear from the video that he has an awesome right hand, however Mosebrook also showed off a few nice plays with his left. I like that he has some shake to him and just generally understands what dodge to choose depending on the situation. The sophomore’s reel shows a few nice plays when he runs end to end and despite the fact that some defensive play is lacking, he’s pretty talented when he’s up top on defense.

So far, Mosebrook has visited Penn, Lehigh, Fairfield and Penn State, hoping to attend a great business school. After the fall that he had, I’d imagine that a few more schools are in the mix and requesting visits over the winter. In addition to playing with the Mesa Fresh Fever, he also plays club for Big 4 and FCA, possessing plans to play at the Dick’s Cup with them later this month.

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