MadLax Releases Video Recap, All-Tournament Team for East Coast Team Invitational and Fall Showcase

The inaugural Madlax Fall Showcase and Team Invitational and Showcase ended two weeks ago, turning out to be a tremendous success with even higher expectations for the coming years. Taking place at the Landon School, Cabell Maddux and J.R. Bordley combined for an individual showcase exclusively for uncommitted standouts, followed by a highly competitive high school team invitational the next day.

Earlier today, Madlax released an awesome video recap accompanied by the All-Tournament Team, which was done by selecting two players from each team on Sunday.

For more analysis on the weekend, check out RR’s coverage, as well as the weekend preview:
12 Who Impressed At The East Coast Fall Showcase
Gonzaga Tops Landon for Team Invitational Title; Notes & Standouts

In addition, here are some quick writeups on the weekend in last week’s November Event Review:

Fall Showcase Rundown: Another event in its first year, this one was organized by Madlax founder Cabell Maddux and Landon assistant coach J.R. Bordley. College coaches headed each team during the individual portion, which showcased uncommitted kids in each class and will likely result in commitments from several in the coming weeks. The younger brother of Hopkins midfielder Holden Cattoni, sophomore attackman Taite stole the show in the All-Star Game with three points to earn MVP honors.

Team Invitational Rundown: In what was said to be an exciting day of lacrosse that featured tight contests with high school squads like Calvert Hall, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes and Paul VI, the Team Showcase ended in a championship win for D.C. power Gonzaga over host Landon. Many of the area’s top prospects – both young and old – were written up by Aburn, also including a sizable notes section on what teams and games impressed. High school showcases always do well with college coaches, who like seeing how players perform with the team chemistry that they’ve built, and I’d expect the event to be even better top to bottom next year.



A – Charlie Kitchen ’16, St. Augustine Prep (N.J.)

A – Fitz Reese ’16, The Potomac School (Md.)

A – Taite Cattoni ’17, Rundle College Academy (Alb.)

A – Jason Brown ’15, Calvert Hall (Md.)

A/M – Gunnar Schimoler ’15, South River (Md.)

A/M – Chase Goree ’16, St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Va.)

M – Rocky Tonkel ’16, Maret School (D.C.)

M – Luke Ciccarone ’15, Calvert Hall (Md.) –

M – Derek Altobello ’15, Churchill (Md.)

M – Ritter Marchant ’17, St. Edward’s (Fla.)

M – Nick Muscarella ’15, Churchill (Md.)

M – Justin Shockey ’17, Landon (Md.)

M – Avery Myers ’16, Gonzaga (D.C.)

M – Jimmie Wilkerson ’15, St. Mary’s Ryken (Md.)

M – Brett Bell ’16, St. Mary’s Rkyen (Md.)

M – Ryan Lamb ’15, Paul VI (Va.)

M – Luke Kurtz ’15, Landon (Md.)

M – Fleet Wallace ’15, St. Christopher’s (Va.)

M/FO – Luke Curran ’17, Gulf Coast (Fla.)

LSM – Rob Schotta ’15, St. Anne’s Belfield (Va.)

LSM – Sean Menges ’16, St. Christopher’s (Va.)

LSM/D – Jack Liebel ’16, Fauquier (Va.)

LSM/D – John Scalia ’17, The Heights (Md.)

LSM/D – Nick DeCaprio ’15, St. Augustine (N.J.)

LSM/D – Troy Jahelka ’15, Paul VI (Va.)

D – Craig Chick ’15, South River (Md.)

G – Shane Corcoran ’15, The Heights (Md.)

G – Ben Kishore ’16, Paul VI (Va.)

G – George Christopher ’16, Gonzaga (D.C.)

G – Eric Buhle ’15, St. Anne’s Belfield (Va.)

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