Boosting His Status After Winning ‘King of the X’, Leading Edge Product Kyle Prouty Goes With Princeton

The fall recruiting period has acted as coaches’ final look for recruits before they become immersed in their spring season and then resume in-person evaluations in May. For off the radar prospects, it’s a time to make statements, wrap things up and find a home before getting ready for their respective seasons.

Winning the famed Philly Showcase ‘King of the X’ crown, versatile face-off athlete Kyle Prouty stepped up in a major way this fall and will be a Princeton Tiger after he graduates from New Egypt High School (N.J.) in the spring of 2017.

About as ‘off the radar’ as it gets, Prouty comes from an area that is a half hour southeast from the state capital of Trenton and under an hour from the beach towns of the Jersey shore. He recognizes that it wasn’t easy, but with the help of Leading Edge and the Face Off Academy, was able to accomplish his goal of committing to a top college program.

“There were so many times I felt like the odds were against me being from a largely unknown high school for lacrosse,” Prouty says. “There are several big name lacrosse high schools around mine so it was ultimately tough. My desire to play Division I lacrosse led me to playing with Leading Edge, and finding the Face Off Academy, which helped me get to where I am today.”

With the new face-off rules coming into play, college coaches are looking for well-rounded and athletic face-off men with stick skills, two-way prowess and athleticism: Prouty fits that description rather perfectly. He’s gritty, remarkably quick-handed and precise when taking the face, also showing that he can rack up the points, evidenced by his 43 goals and 21 assists last spring. On top of that, Prouty won a dominant 68.7% at the X.

Playing for New Jersey Lacrosse Club up until the fall, where the 5-10, 170-pound recruit joined Leading Edge and attended six different events, he was able to visit five top notch programs in Division I. Before narrowing things down to Princeton, Notre Dame and Villanova, he also checked out Penn State and Delaware.

Prouty hopes to win numerous tournament titles with Leading Edge and will also attend Maverik Showtime next summer to prove his worth even more.

Here’s what he had to say on his decision to join Chris Bates’ Princeton program:

What made you decide on Princeton?

The main factor in my decision was first and foremost the academic offerings. You don’t get the opportunity of such an amazing education at many other schools. Also, a huge part of it was the coaching staff – Coach [Chris] Bates, [Dylan] Sheridan, [Matt] Madalon and [Chris] Cooper made me feel right at home and that I’m going to be part of a tradition like no other. In addition, I really liked that the location of Princeton is not too far from my home. The campus is beautiful and I really liked the size of the school.

How did the whole recruiting process go for you?

At times, the recruiting process was a roller coaster that I did not want to be on. To say the least, it was tough, but I enjoyed it. I loved visiting the schools that I did, as well as getting so much interest from so many different coaches. The hardest part was making the final decision when I narrowed it down to Princeton, Notre Dame and Villanova. I felt that Princeton was right for me.

What has the experience with Leading Edge been like so far? Do you feel like winning ‘King of the X’ at Philly Showcase was big for your recruitment?

Leading Edge has opened my eyes to what elite lacrosse really is. I love the program, coaches and plays already and I’ve only been with them for the fall. I can’t wait to continue my club ball career with such a well known, elite level lacrosse program. I am very vampy I made the decision to switch programs to Leading Edge.

Winning the King of the X at the Philly Showcase helped me a lot. It really got my name out there and was a huge accomplishment for me at such a well known event.

Who would you like to thank for helping get you to where you are?

First, I’d like to thank my parents because without them, I would not be where I am today. My Mom, Michele, and my Dad, Andrew, have given constant support and guidance and I can’t thank them enough. They have invested so much of their time in me for lacrosse and it has really helped me prosper. I’d also like to thank my little brother, Conner, for always pushing me to do my best and sticking to my side.

A huge thanks to Greg Gurenlian, Chris Mattes and Jerry Ragonese of The Face Off Academy. They have helped me to no end to get to where I am as a face-off athlete and taken their personal time to help me understand both the recruiting and academic process to ensure that I will be successful.

I’d like to thank my club coach, Chris Roy, for all of the help throughout the recruiting process and really opening my eyes. Also, coach Gregg Malfa for the help on the field.

Lastly, I want to thank my teammates from my early years of lacrosse to now. Going forward, I must stay on top of my grades and continue to play to the best of my ability.

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