VLC, Baltimore Crabs, Edge And More Dazzle At The Famous Autumn Classic

B2r5W_2CQAADPrhA bunch of renowned and talent-laden teams met up on Sunday for the inaugural Famous Autumn Classic, battling out for championships in the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. The Virginia Lacrosse Club Blue Crabs – an affiliate of Ryan McClernan’s Baltimore Crabs – stole the show with two championships in the 2016 and 2017 division.

Perhaps most shockingly, VLC came out with a win in the 2016 bracket despite being incredibly overmatched both on paper and in numbers. The Crabs had over a dozen Division I commits and several more talented players in both the ’16 and ’17 class, however they became complacent and weren’t able to cash in on any scoring chances, trailing 1-0 at half and 4-1 at the sound of the final whistle.

In the 2018 division, the MIAA-dominated Baltimore Crabs took it to the Baltimore Breakers in the form of a 12-2 win, looking prepared for next weekend where they’ll face the vaunted Duke’s and LI Express in the B’more Classic.

In the 2017 division, the Blue Crabs and Canada’s Edge engaged in an absolute battle, with VLC emerging victorious with a big 8-6 win despite missing several of their best players of the weekend.

Here’s who impressed:

Owen Seebold ’17, A, C2C / Highland Park (Tex.) – After a handful of great performances this fall, Seebold has seen his interest from mid-to-high Division I schools rise, and Sunday’s showing backed that up. A poised player from X, he creates a ton of scoring opportunities whether it’s via an excellent feed to a cutting teammate, a dodge topside past a defender or a mid-range shot from the wing. Right now, a focus should be packing on some pounds of muscle so that he can handle big college defenders.

Robert Olsen ’18, M, Crabs / Loyola Blakefield (Md.) – A downhill dodger with strong stick skills, Olsen had some phenomenal goals throughout the day, whether it was a split dodge to an accurate shot into the corner of the goal or a face dodge resulting into a hard to read low-to-low shot. His size is already pretty adequate, though continuing to work on explosiveness should become his focus.

Logan Wisnauskas ’16, A, Crabs / Boys’ Latin (Md.) – It’s my expectation that the Syracuse-bound Wisnauskas will blow up in 2015. He’s a tall lefty with great hands and underrated vision, which he showed on a sick no-look pass to the doorstep against Edge. Love his craftiness, hustle on the ride and ability to constantly make the right play. Even when he missed the goal it was pretty, generally boosting the Crabs in a major way on Sunday.

Danny Kielbasa ’17, A, VLC Blue Crabs / Paul VI (Va.) – Showcasing deceptive speed and insanely quick hands, Kielbasa was pretty much money from wherever he wanted to be, constantly moving off-ball and putting himself in his sweet spot on the wings. The Army-bound Fairfax resident had three goals and an assist in the championship game where his squad knocked off Edge in an excellent game.

Sean Mooney ’18, A, Crabs / St. Mary’s Annapolis (Md.) – Frequently getting topside without much trouble, Mooney was great at turning the corner and put up three goals in the first game I watched. A lefty, he’s steady at X and was a big reason why the Crabs’ offense moved the ball so well and had a dominant performance over the Breakers in the championship game. Definitely savvy and skilled for just a freshman.

Liam Limoges ’18, A, Edge / Toronto (Ont.) – With flashy stick work, Limoges had some sick plays throughout Sunday, also making his presence felt in the riding game. Saw him put in some impressive goals with his undermove, catching everything that was thrown his way while also racking up a handful of assists to cutting teammates. Tough player who was as consistent as anybody else on the team.

Joe Pollard ’16, A, Crabs / St. Paul’s (Md.) – I made a mistake assuming that Pollard would be beat up and rusty after a long season as a football standout for the Crusaders. However, the Hopkins verbal brought it, showing off his overhand shooting prowess from the wing. He executed some nice dodges but was better moving off-ball or on the EMO, getting his hands free whenever he pleased. Tough cover with his thick frame and quick release.

Basil Aburn ’18, A, Crabs / Boys’ Latin (Md.) – Aburn was Mr. Johnny-On-The-Spot in the championship game, putting up a handful of quick rebound tallies in front of the cage on his way to a four-goal showing. Had a beauty of a bar down shot to open the second half and was just generally an opportunistic and creative player.

Jonathan Donville ’17, M, Edge / St. Michael’s (Ont.) – Really enjoyed watching Donville, who is an athlete who sees the field incredibly well and makes plays with his hustle and lacrosse IQ. The 6-foot-1, 170-pound Cornell-bound Canuck is a crafty, creative player with a remarkable understanding of the game and how to produce points. He made a series of great plays throughout the day and in the championship, where he had a controversial dive goal.

Michael Ubriaco ’18, LSM, Crabs / Boys’ Latin (Md.) – It’s easy to see why Dave Pietramala saw enough in this kid to snatch him up in early October. He’s got game-changing speed between the lines, beating his opponent to groundballs with ease and constantly pushing transition. Contributed off the wings and was solid 1-on-1, where he’ll need to continue to improve. Lots of upside as the son of a coach at a great prep program.

Kevin Petrillo ’17, M, VLC Blue Crabs / Westfield (Va.) – After committing to the Georgetown Hoyas in August, Petrillo has clearly elevated his game and will eventually be a force in the Big East. He’s a throwback midfielder who does all of the little things well and looks especially smooth when dodging down the alley, putting the ball where the goalie couldn’t get it. Notched a hat trick in the championship game.

Joe Casucci ’17, D, Bulldog / Fairfield Ludlowe (Conn.) – A big dude who moved well for his size, I liked Casucci’s handle and ability to be a big help whenever the ball was in his stick. Picked up some nice groundballs and was one of the bright spots for a Bulldog team that struggled to handle the Breakers in the game I watched. He was solid off-ball and did a nice job covering his man 1-on-1.

Jake Boudreau ’17, M, Edge / David Suzuki Secondary (Ont.) – Standing out right away with his noticeable shoulder-length blonde hair, Boudreau made some terrific plays getting to the goal up top. He often scored off of the give-and-go and just always had his feet moving toward the goal, working well with teammates and making heads-up plays that caught college coaches’ attention. Excellent hands and impressive athleticism.

Andrew Fowler ’17, D, VLC Blue Crabs / Landon (Md.) – One of the few rising sophomores to play in July’s UA Underclass Games, Fowler has really quick feet and plays technically sound position defense. He’s great off the ground and clearly well-coached, doing a nice job communicating and helping in the clearing game. Currently getting some strong college looks and won’t be on the board too much longer.

Nick Bond, M, Leading Edge / Westfield (N.J.) – Slick and incredibly polished both IQ and skill wise considering his young age, I liked what Bond brought to the table. He knew when the slide was coming, often exploiting defenses with an outside shot or the ‘one more’ pass. Leading Edge was missing a bevy of talented players (several were at Duke’s event), however Bond stepped up and carried the load for the Garden State squad.

Cam Garlin ’17, A, Edge / Donald A. Wilson (Ont.) – Playing up with the Edge 2016’s for the weekend, North America’s No. 64 sophomore was simply a presence with his 6-foot-3 frame. A lefty, he was frequently backing down his man like Mark Matthews would (yes, I’ve made that comparison before) and doing his damage in that manner. He’s downright nasty in tight windows and made defenses pay whenever they tried to cover him with a shorty. Once he works on his foot speed, Garlin will be an even better prospect.

Conor Shears, D, VLC / Yorktown (Va.) – Certainly looking the part of a future Bucknell Bison defender, Shears is rangy and a fantastic asset in transition. He was always clearing the ball himself over midfield and was the heart and soul of a defense that clamped down in the championship against some of the most renowned offensive players in the state of Maryland, also scoring the final goal of the game.


Scott Carrington ’18, D, Breakers / Boys’ Latin (Md.)
Jay Minor ’17, M, Breakers / Chesapeake (Md.)
Phil Wies ’17, A, Breakers / Loyola Blakefield (Md.)
Zeke Narcise ’17, A, Breakers / McDonogh (Md.)
Ryan Darby ’17, G, C2C / Plano West (Tex.)
Chris Walker ’17, LSM/D, C2C / Highland Park (Tex.)
Cole Watson ’17, A, C2C / Hebron (Tex.)
Jackson Morrill ’16, A, Crabs / McDonogh (Md.)
Tyler Gilmore ’16, G, Crabs / Queen Anne’s (Md.)
Jake Glatz ’17, F/O, Crabs / Boys’ Latin (Md.)
Caleb Nash ’17, M, Crabs / Annapolis (Md.)
Konner Caplin ’18, A, Crabs / Boys’ Latin (Md.)
Andrew Hurdle ’18, M/FO, Crabs / McDonogh (Md.)
Matt Brandau ’18, A, Crabs / Boys’ Latin (Md.)
Richard Dion ’18, D, Crabs / McDonogh (Md.)
Joshua Coffman ’18, M, Crabs / Severna Park (Md.)
Mac Forde ’16, D, Edge / T.A. Blakelock (Ont.)
Cole Robillard ’16, M, Edge / Assumption (Ont.)
Kyle Hebert ’17, G, Edge / St. Michael’s (Ont.)
Kyle Kolwich ’17, LSM, Edge / Holy Trinity (Ont.)
Brody McLean ’17, A, Edge / Holy Trinity (Ont.)
Mason Kamminga, D, Edge / St. Catharines (Ont.)
Devin Pipher ’18, A, Edge / Oshawa (Ont.)
Lucas Snider ’18, A, Edge / Waterloo (Ont.)
Bryce Kirkwood ’18, A, Leading Edge / Ridge (N.J.)
Patrick McIlroy ’18, D, Leading Edge / Westfield (N.J.)
Christian Maienshein ’18, A, Phillie Elite LB3 / Springfield Township (Pa.)
Alex Koenig ’18, M, Phillie Elite LB3 / Penn Charter (Pa.)
Griffin Brown ’16, A/M, VLC Blue Crabs / Landon (Md.)
Michael Foster ’16, A/M, VLC Blue Crabs / Pope John Paul The Great (Va.)

3 thoughts on “VLC, Baltimore Crabs, Edge And More Dazzle At The Famous Autumn Classic

  1. No love for any of the other teams (LB3 Phillie Elite 2017) that have no commits but went 2-1 on the day and only lost to Edge 7-4 in the semi’s. Some quality players on this team and they get no press for some reason. Strong defense play all day and some possible recruits at both the middie and attack positions.


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