Standouts From the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout at Mt. St. Mary’s

FLG-Fall-LogoTaking place on the campus of Mt. St. Mary’s University in Emmittsburg (Md.) – the last town before hitting Pennsylvania – the FLG in 3d Fall Shootout took place and featured a number of established club teams from all over the country and Canada.

An impressive amount of college coaches flocked to the mountainous campus to watch players from all four grades. For results, check out the scores here for Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Max Mollihan, a student at The Mount and a New Jersey native, will be contributing from Recruiting Rundown and was on hand this weekend. Here are his observations from a handful of hours on the fields on Saturday and Sunday.


Winston Palmeri ’16, A, Colorado Academy (Colo.) – A thick junior who worked well off-ball, the Air Force commit had a quick release and was able to stick it in the back of the net whenever his teammates found him. Palmeri also worked well when the ball was in his stick, finding his teammates on the fast break and making the extra pass for easy goals.

Evan Burget ’16, A/M, Mullen (Colo.) – Here’s a right-handed attackman who had great vision. He found Palmeri on the inside several times, leading to easy goals.


Sam Romano ’15, M, Episcopal Dallas (Tex.) – Looking great on both sides of the field, Romano was a stud who will head to Syracuse in the fall. Freeing up his hands with ease, he had an absolute laser of a shot from the outside. The athletic middie looked great dodging from up top, finding his teammates when the opponent slid early to him.

Nakeie Montgomery ’17, M, Episcopal Dallas (Tex.) – The future Blue Devil is an absolute freak of an athlete, torching his defenders with lateral speed and a great split dodge. He was also an automatic one-man clear whenever he touched the ball on the defensive end. The combination of him and Romano was great in the game I witnessed and will definitely be cornerstones for ESD in the spring.


Brett Kennedy ’16, LSM/D, Ridgewood (N.J.) – Playing both positions, the high motor Syracuse verbal was able to eat the ball up off the ground and create instant offense, finding breaking middies or taking the ball himself (scoring on more than one occasion). On one play, he stripped his attackman, ran to get the ball off the ground and was beat to the ball originally but chased down the guy, de-sticked him and had a teammate pick up the ball and clear it.

Matt Loparo ’15, A, Ridgewood (N.J.) – Like many of the Maroons’ attackmen, he was short in stature but was able to fill up the net all day. Often breaking down his defender and finding teammates on a regular basis, Loparo could capitalize while the defense sat back and waited for him to pass. Liked how he has the uncanny ability to finish with very little angle while coming from X.


Colin Munro ’17, A, Mountain Vista (Colo.) – The lefty was crafty around the net and got there often – in many different ways. He broke down defensemen from X, where he was able to find his teammates on difficult cross-field passes. The UNC commit looked best when he was on the field with Connor Fox (Boulder HS), as the two frequently worked behind the net together and made the defense look silly. What really stood out to me was Munro’s ability to find seams in the defense around the crease, which allowed him to finish with ease when he was 1-on-1 with the goalie. He had one play against a solid Edge team where he cut through the defense while on EMO, catching the ball while fading away and threw the ball behind the back to ping the crossbar. Even though it didn’t go in, it was one of the coolest plays I saw all weekend.

Latrell Harris ’17, LSM/D, Mountain Vista (Colo.) – Recruiting Rundown’s No. 26 sophomore has great feet and strong positioning, throwing sick checks that often led players to bend over to pick up their sticks while Harris was already downfield with the ball. He was the most offensive-minded pole I saw all week, constantly clearing the ball himself and looking for opportunities to backdoor the opponent covering him and immediately calling for the rock.


Thomas Tenney, A, Governor’s (Mass.) – Though very left-handed, he had a lot of athleticism, great skills and IQ. Often looked to roll back to his left hand for a lefty underhand shot. Transferred to Governor’s Academy in Massachusetts for this fall.

Connor Dunne, A, Chaminade (N.Y.) – He was very quick at X and tripped up defenders, looking to feed once they were off of his hands. Talented player who helped watch this team, who was very impressive and fun to watch, generate a lot of offense from behind the net.

Finn McTernan, D, Summit (N.J.) – A decent-sized kid with excellent feet and timely checks, he did a great job funneling attackmen off of their line and back to X. They tripped over their own feet while trying move they could think of to get around the perfectly positioned McTernan.

EDGE 2017

Jonathan Donville, M, St. Michael’s (Ont.) – A big righty do-it-all midfielder, Donville may have lost just two face-offs in the two games I saw him play. He was great at feeding cutting attackmen and was also very crafty getting past his defensemen who knew he was going right but it did not matter, as he could get back to his strong side. Donville and most of the Edge team looked to pass first – it was not uncommon to see them dish the ball and not just the extra pass but the extra two or three passes to catch the goalie off guard. He was good on the ride, including a very athletic play on the stadium field against a very talented 3d Colorado team where he fully extended to pick off the clear and led the break, which ended in a very well executed fast-break goal.

Kyle Kolwich, LSM/D, Holy Trinity (Ont.) – A very tall and athletic defenseman, Kolwich had great speed and was impressive in transition or when the ball was on the ground. He looked more naturally like a LSM, where he was able to run the midfielders off of their line.


Christopher Cote ’18, D, Jean-de-Brebauf (Que.) – One of the most impressive defensemen I saw all weekend, Cote was thick yet very light on his feet. In a showdown with Colin Munro, Cote held his own and was frequently able to push the future Tar Heel away from where he wanted to go. Munro, however, got the better of him off-ball while Cote was trying to compensate for some of his fellow teammates having a bit of trouble covering the more athletic 3d Colorado team. He was the unquestioned leader of the team and a class act, helping up his opponent after absolutely crushing him on the crease.


Jake Mueller, D, Bishop Hendricken (R.I.) – A big and athletic d-man, Mueller was very loud with his communications, making sure his teammates knew what to do. It was apparent that he had a handle on the type of defense they were running and was also precise as to when to slide and disrupt the offensive players.


Benjamin Utrosa ’16, M, Edge / All Saints CCS (Ont.)
Joseph Epstein ’18, A, Madlax Capital / Landon (Md.)
Sam Dwinell ’18, M, 3d Select New England / Middlesex (Mass.)
Jimmy Hayburn ’18, A, Annapolis Hawks / St. Mary’s (Md.)
Niklas McFarland ’18, M, Annapolis Hawks / Archbishop Spalding (Md.)
Connor Jacoby ’18, M, Madlax Capital / Episcopal (Va.)
Jordan Stouros ’15, D, Ottawa Capitals / Ay Jackson Secondary (Ont.)
Harry Wellford ’17, M, 3d Select Colorado / MICDS (Mo.)
Colin Hunt ’17, D, Edge / Assumption (Ont.)

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