Loyola Grabs A Bull Of a Defenseman In Jarett Bonser – Q&A With The Long Island Sophomore

Screenshot_2014-06-30-21-25-39-1-2Over the past few seasons, Charley Toomey’s Loyola Greyhounds have been stellar about finding recruits who may not be as highly sought after or ranked as much other marquee programs’ recruits, and they’re fine with that. In fact, they’re just as successful and content bringing in unheralded products who embody and buy into their fast-paced, hard-nosed brand of lacrosse.

Jarett Bonser, a sophomore defenseman out of Deer Park (N.Y.), fits that brand perfectly so much that on October 28th, the Tenacious Turtles standout made the decision to play four years at the Baltimore program.

He can almost definitely be considered one of the best big bodies in the entire of ’17 class, carrying over his prowess from the Suffolk County gridiron. Bonser brings a certain toughness to the defensive side of the ball and communicates like a coach on the field. Longtime Turtles coach Joe DeSimone can vouch for that.

“Bonser is an enforcer with heavy hands, he throws hard stick checks and loves to play physically but has the IQ of a football quarterback,” DeSimone says of the two-sport athlete. “He’s been a Turtle since the inception and I can’t think of a time he’s ever been injured or missed a game or practice for that matter. He has no sense of entitlement and is a hard worker day in and day out.”

Here’s what Bonser, who will participate in the Adrenaline Fall Invitational this weekend, had to say about Loyola after chatting with Recruiting Rundown last week:

What was it about Loyola that set them apart from the other schools who recruited you?

Most importantly, the education there is excellent – same with the lacrosse program and the coaching staff. Coach [Charley] Toomey shows a lot of care with his players and is very much like a family fan who loves the guys on his team. Coaches [Matt] Dwan and [Ryan] Moran really want to know everything about the kids who they recruit and want in their program. Those guys were awesome during the process and I think that the style of play is very close to how I play.

How was your campus visit? Where else did you look?

I stayed overnight in early September and thought that it was pretty great. I loved meeting a lot of the players and going to class just to see what it was like. It was extremely helpful to talk to all of the guys on Loyola’s team to see what their experience has been like, which helped me decide on that school.

Maryland, Cornell and Michigan were all great options and I really enjoyed each school. However, Loyola seemed like the best fit for me since their style of play is very close to how I am as a defenseman.

What are some of the things you’d like to improve? Also, how does being a quarterback in football help you on the lacrosse field?

I’d really like to work on my speed and just improving in every aspect of the game like stick skills and strength. Being coached by [Nassau CC head coach] George Powers, it’s always about working on all of the tools to shape your game to become a Division I lacrosse player.

I would definitely say it helps playing football. As a quarterback, you have to quickly react to what the other team is doing, what’s in front of you and how you’re being protected. That’s not too different from lax where you’re reacting to the other team’s offense on the fly.

Who would you like to thank for getting you to where you are?

More than anything, I want to thank my family for doing everything possible that they’ve done to help me improve as a player and person. Also, my coaches Powers, DeSimone, Licciardi and Haggerty have guided us on the right path, teaching us a lot about the sport and putting us in the right tournaments.

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