Team 91 Freshman Middie Sean Kuttin Becomes First Chaminade (N.Y.) Flyer to Pick Hopkins in Over 20 Years

It’s been over 20 years since a Chaminade (N.Y.) lacrosse player last committed to Hopkins. That was Scott Mollica, an All-State midfielder for the Flyers who was converted to LSM and flourished for the Blue Jays in the early nineties.

Freshman midfielder Sean Kuttin, widely considered by many as one of the best recruits in the ’18, bucked that trend when he pulled the trigger on JHU on October 19th.

Here’s a quick rundown of the player that he is – read the rest of Tuesday’s breakdown of Kuttin and other 2018s here:

The St. James native has already made waves in the offseason, thriving at events like 3d Blue Chip, Platinum Cup and Jake Reed’s Blue Chip, among others. He moves up and down the field with considerable spring in his step, does a fantastic job setting up teammates coming out of his dodge and has an impressive array of moves when the ball is in his stick. Evaluating him back in January down in Florida, it was evident that he plays his tail off between the lines as well, thriving at the defensive midfield and when the ball was on the ground.

I was able to speak with Sean, who also considered Duke and Virginia during the recruiting process, on Thursday night:

What were some of the main reasons you decided to commit to Hopkins?

I really think that the ability to play at such a high level of competition and get a great education at the same time were the main factors. Coach Pietramala definitely played a huge role and reminds me a lot of Coach Sal [Locascio] and can bring out the best in me and get me to the next level with those high expectations. The tradition there also played a role because it’s all about lacrosse there, considering they don’t have any other Division I sports.

How did your visit to the Homewood campus go?

I was able to visit over Columbus Day weekend and it all went really well. I attended 6am practice then got to meet all of the players afterwards and thought it was pretty cool how Coach Petro and the whole team each come up to me individually. My parents and I went back to the Cordish Center and met for an hour and a half and had a great conversation. I really feel like he’s going to bring out the best of me and we’re going to work together really well in hopes of having continued success together at Hopkins.

What are you looking forward to about your lacrosse experience at Chaminade and then how essential of a role has Team 91 played in your development?

Being able to spend some time getting accustomed to the demand of academics at Chaminade while playing freshmen lacrosse rather than JV or Varsity will be pivotal for me. I feel like our class of 2018 is very strong with players like [Team 91 defenseman] Frank Marinello and [LI Express goalie] Andrew Bonafede. It will be a lot of fun playing with them and the rest of the guys at Chaminade going forward.

Team 91’s changed my life completely and made this all possible and the player I am today. I started with them and Coach Sal in 5th grade – even though there are always several new players added to the mix each year, it’s a family and brotherhood so everybody’s welcomed to 91 with open arms. Everybody plays a role in the team to get to where we want to be.

What are some of the things that you’d like to work on?

I really want to make it a point to work on being as dominant as I can possibly be. Coach Pietramala stressed that I work on my shot on the run so I’d like to focus on that with either hand to be as versatile as I can be. Like a lot of kids in the 2018 class, I want to become bigger, faster and stronger so I’m working out at Xceleration, which is an awesome facility on Long Island where a lot of top high school, college and pro players work out.

Besides your aforementioned club coaching, who would you like to thank for helping you become the player you are?

My Dad has been a huge factor in my growth as a player and young man, helping me out to go lift or for a shooting workout. He’s taken me everywhere and has put me in the best situation possible. Coach Sean Keenan has also helped me tremendously, giving me a lot of tips and working with me to make a significant difference. All of the IQ that I feel I’ve developed from him has been so huge. Lastly, my mother has always been there for me and supports every decision that I make.

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