2018 LSM Michael Ubriaco Follows the Crabs & BL Pipeline to Hopkins

Michael UbriacoWhen it comes to tradition, touted freshman Michael Ubriaco will have all of the bases covered, playing for some of the more proud programs at their respective levels: Boys’ Latin (Md.), the Baltimore Crabs and Johns Hopkins.

On top of that, the 5-foot-9, 145-pound athlete is the son of a well renowned Laker assistant, Gene Ubriaco. For a kid who has only experienced high school life for a little over a month, those aren’t bad credentials.

A speedster in the middle of the field, Ubriaco is a game-changing longstick midfielder who gets the ball off the ground quickly and pushes the pace. Possessing more size and speed than most kids his age, he’s a prospect with high upside who will only improve once he gets his feet wet in HS ball and spends some time in the weight room.

“Michael Ubriaco has a heavy foot, meaning it’s always pedal to the metal with him. He has a great engine and plays as hard in the fourth quarter as he does in the first,” Crabs founder Ryan McClernan says. “A coach’s son who understands the why of what’s going on on the field, he is an offensive threat when he carries across midline. He reminds me of former Loyola star P.T. Ricci.”

Right now, Ubriaco is currently running varsity cross country and will take the winter off, though he has plans in November to attend key in-state events in the Terrapin Classic, NSCLA Member/Guest Autumn Classic and the B’more Classic.

During the recruiting process, he also strongly considered Penn State, taking a visit to North Carolina as well.

On Wednesday evening, I caught up with Michael for a Q&A talking about his big decision:

What was it about Hopkins that stood out to you enough to pull the trigger so early?

I chose Hopkins first and foremost because of the wonderful opportunity to attend a great school and play lacrosse at a high level. I liked that it was closer to home, the tradition and history of the program, and also the opportunity to play for Coach [Dave] Pietramala was important.

Knowing how early the recruiting timeline is, did you ever feel pressure to perform well in front of college coaches this past summer or to make an early decision?

I didn’t really feel that much pressure. Our coaches always remind us to just play our game and focus on what you can control.

How does it feel to have the process over and what are some of the things that you’d like to work on between now and August of 2018 when you head to Homewood?

Now that the process is over I can really focus on school, sports, family and being a high school kid. I am going to work on all areas of my game so I can be as prepared as possible for high school lacrosse and beyond. Specifically, I am going to work on getting bigger, faster and stronger.

Boys’ Latin has become a pipeline to JHU in recent years. Did that at all play a factor in your decision?

I will say that the BL guys that have gone to Hopkins have been great players and great kids, but that was not the main reason why I decided to go there. However, it did give me a sense of confidence knowing that the track record with BL kids has been strong.

What does it mean to play for prestigious programs like BL and the Baltimore Crabs? Who would you like to thank for getting you to where you are today?

It is a real honor to play for those great brands in lacrosse with BL and Crabs. Hopkins is another one of those brands.

There are many people who have helped me. Since my dad coaches on the varsity at BL, all of the coaches there have been influential, especially Coach [Bob] Shriver, who was my 7th grade advisor. Coach [Ryan] McClernan, who coached me for my first two years with the Crabs along with Coach [Andy] Shilling then Coach [Todd] McNemar. He switched me from attack to LSM in 6th grade – it was a smart move by him. Finally, I’d like to thank my parents for all of their support throughout the process.

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